We know that a new tool, on its own, isn’t the answer to your problems. You need to make sure the tool works for you, your business, and your employees. AppSuccess is a set of consultation and creation services which helps every customer to execute a successful launch and ongoing use of StaffConnect.

StaffConnect AppSuccess Planning


You will be introduced to the team looking after your project and the approach will be agreed. Planning will begin with outlining a project timescale, accountabilities and the app modules available which are best suited to meet your business requirements.


Working closely with your design team, the look and feel of the app will be decided upon and the modules you have chosen will be integrated into the design. Our team of developers will then begin configuring your app ready for the testing phase.

StaffConnect AppSuccess Configuration
StaffConnect AppSuccess Training


We offer a range of training modules which are tailored to your needs; Principles of Community Management, Leadership Workshop, Content Strategy Planning, Administrator Training, Launch Planning and Employee and Union Rep Presentations.


A beta version of the app will be supplied to your appointed project champions. The champions will take part in user testing, completing a success review and providing feedback on any further changes and alterations that may be required.

StaffConnect AppSuccess Testing
StaffConnect AppSuccess Launch


Working with you, we will identify success metrics for when the app goes live. We will assist you in outlining a communications plan and ongoing adoption and interaction strategy, to ensure a successful launch and ongoing use of the app.

Ongoing Success

We continually develop new features that align with developing trends, technologies and the needs of our customers. These features will be offered and rolled out to all existing customers, alongside our ongoing technical support.

StaffConnect AppSuccess Ongoing Success

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