Why choose the
StaffConnect Platform

Picking the right provider is vital to ensuring the success of your employee app. We know it can be confusing researching all the options and trying to work out what they do and how they differ. Below we’ve highlighted why StaffConnect are unique and how our solution differs from other options.


Unique Domain Expertise

Our unique AppSuccess programme gives every customer a leading edge when it comes to implementing their employee engagement initiative.  Direct access to our internal communications and HR domain experts to define the best content strategy and launch that will deliver quick and impressive results is the key to a successful launch. Working with you, our domain expert delivers training and consultations, to support you in your strategy from project concept through to launch and ongoing usage.

RICH UX Features

Our rich feature set was designed specifically to meet the needs of communicators. Developing the right functionality to deliver a richer user experience for employees and create a truly engaged workforce is at the heart of what we do. See the table below for an easy feature comparison list of extra features available from StaffConnect vs other solutions.

Global Presence

StaffConnect is proud to support customers all over the world including UK, US, Scandinavia, Asia, Middle East and Australia. Our HQ is in the United Kingdom just outside London, with offices also located in San Francisco, USA.

Included Product Features Excluded Product Features

Based in the UK and US

Communities   Directory   Survey   News   Videos   Library   Quiz   Events   Tickertape   Ideas   Questions   Feeds   Chat ×Meal Plan   ×Location   ×Signage   ×Shift Swapping



Based in the Germany

Communities   Directory Survey   News   Videos   Library   Chat   Meal Plan   Location ×Quiz   ×Events   ×Tickertape   ×Ideas   ×Feeds   ×Questions   ×Signage   ×Shift Swapping

Based in the Switzerland

Survey   News   Videos   Library   Feeds   Chat   Signage ×Directory   ×Quiz   ×Communities   ×Events   ×Tickertape   ×Ideas   ×Questions   ×Shift Swapping   ×Meal Plan   ×Location

Based in the US

News   Videos   Library   Feeds   Chat   Shift Swapping ×Directory   ×Quiz   ×Communities   ×Events   ×Tickertape   ×Ideas   ×Questions   ×Survey   ×Signage   ×Meal Plan   ×Location

Based in the US

News   Videos   Library   Events   Feeds ×Directory   ×Quiz   ×Communities   ×Chat  ×Tickertape   ×Ideas   ×Questions   ×Survey   ×Signage   ×Shift Swapping   ×Meal Plan   ×Location

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