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& best practice across a
retail partner network

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PayPoint are a leading specialist payments company, processing consumer payments across a wide variety of markets through its retail networks, internet and mobile phone channels.

Today, they manage almost £10 billion a year from consumer and financial services companies, to retailers, utilities and government.


Powering a retailer network of over 28,000 outlets, processing over 15 million transactions every week, PayPoint required a solution to improve communication to its retail partner network:

The key requirements were:

Providing rapid access to relevant news and updates directly to retailers’ devices

Sharing best practice across the network

Providing knowledge sharing and training by enabling easy access to ‘how to’ guides and videos

Give retailers a voice so they can post their own content and feedback


A simple to use app that retailers can access on their device, giving access to news and the wider retailer network:

The app included:


Enabling retailers to share ideas, tips and best practice across the partner network


Sharing of news, announcements and activity with the retailer network


Providing retailers with easy access to useful documents and essential information from a central point


Sharing of announcements, information and training in an engaging format


Introducing gamification and encouraging retailers to access the app and win prizes


Encouraging retailers to ask questions and the ability to share responses with entire retailer network


Enabling retailers to shape the future of the app by providing feedback and ideas for upcoming releases

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