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A family run business, Yeo Valley has grown from a smallholding with just 30 cows into the UK’s no.1 organic dairy brand. Supported by a fantastic community of like-minded people Yeo Valley produces over 2,000 tonnes of yogurt, butter, milk and ice cream each week.


As the largest organic business in the UK with a strong focus on community being at the heart of everything they do, Yeo Valley required a solution that would enable their employees, especially non-desk based employees (NDEs), who do not have access to company computers or devices, to be included and contribute to  company communications.

The key requirements were:

An app that was branded to their “look and feel” and reflected their core values

Empowering all employees to express their voice through sharing opinions and ideas

Enabling NDEs to use their own devices to discover company news and events

Connect employees to colleagues to create communities

Giving all employees access to company and brand news

Promoting company events to encourage employee attendance and interaction


Yeo Valley selected StaffConnect to provide a branded app that reflected their company culture and ethos. The app delivered a range of features that help drive open communication, knowledge sharing and empowered employee communities. At launch the app included the following modules:


Enabling all employees to have access to company news on the go from their own devices


Sharing the latest news and activity in an employee’s location


Customized to their needs, allowing them to share open roles to enable employees to apple for new roles or share them with their network


Sharing upcoming company events and enabling employees to sign up via the app


Enabling employees to pose questions to increase knowledge sharing and open communication

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