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"So much more than a communication tool" - Molly Thompson YMCA

Transforming Employee Engagement

The StaffConnect mobile employee app transforms the employee experience by enabling large enterprises to connect, communicate and engage their distributed workforce, especially remote, deskless employees.


Reaching and Engaging your Deskless Workforce

Empowering your entire workforce to interact, share and collaborate with any form of internal communication no matter where they are.


Reach, Connect and Engage.

Mobile Platform


Engaging your entire workforce.
Improving the employee experience.

Management Console


Powerful analytics.
Sophisticated audience management.

Customer Success


Partner with our domain experts to deliver winning engagement programs.

Improve Engagement with an Employee App


Improving the way you reach, communicate and engage your deskless workforce to deliver a better, stronger employee experience.

Deliver valuable information and company news in real-time, direct to employees’ mobile devices.

Communicate with all employees, wherever they are.

Give Your Employees a Voice

Encourage feedback, content sharing and empower employees to have a voice. Create a culture of inclusion and innovation.

The modern workplace is changing, workforces are evolving and creating continuous positive employee experiences is a challenge for most global distributed organisations.

At a time when employee engagement is increasingly becoming a critical issue for business leaders around the world, StaffConnect has developed the perfect solution to meet the demands of todays enterprise.


The StaffConnect Video

Workforces are evolving and it is becoming harder than ever to create positive employee experiences that can continually engage the whole of the organisation.

At a time when employee engagement is a critical issue for HR leaders around the world, StaffConnect has developed the perfect solution to meet the demands of todays enterprise.

Content Strategy


AppSuccess implementation programme delivered by IC experts

Create communities based on function or location

Reach non-desk workforce

Partner with Us

Calling all digital communication agencies, HR tech providers and internal communication professionals…

Become a StaffConnect partner and find out how our mobile employee app can transform the employee experience for your enterprise customers.

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Human Capital Trends Report

The Deloitte Humans Trend Report highlights that the main frustrations for employees are a poor internal communication system.

The Causes of Employee Disengagement Image

How to Solve the Employee Engagement Crisis

How empowering employees to interact with your content via mobile devices helps them feel more connected.


CHP Case Study

Find out how StaffConnect’s mobile engagement platform helps CHP drive their Internal Communications strategy and increase engagement with their NHS colleagues.


YMCA Webinar

Molly Thomson, VP at YMCA Greater Charlotte talks with StaffConnect about how mobile technology has increased engagement to a dispersed network of over 4500 employees.

The Future of Employee Engagement

A combination of new mobile technology, powerful analytics and our unique AppSuccess program, StaffConnect is the leading solution to connect all employees, including billions of non desk workers, to the purpose and vision of the modern enterprise.

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