The Impact of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and retention remain key priorities for organizations. Business leaders are looking to reduce the negative impact such as lost revenue and recruitment costs that stem from disengaged employees.

The “5 ways Employee Engagement Impacts Your Organization” infographic highlights some of the key issues surrounding employee engagement and illustrates the impact disengaged employees can have on a business.

Disengaged employees cost companies money

With such high levels of disengagement in the US workplace, it’s not surprising to learn that organizations are losing as much as $11billion through employee turnover.

Engaged employees really make a difference

Organizations with highly engaged workforces have been shown to dramatically increase productivity levels. With employees truly involved in the business, results have shown organizations outperform lesser engaged organizations by 202%.

2 way communication leads to increased employee engagement

Beyond productivity levels, organizations with poor employee engagement suffered over double the number of accidents and almost one third higher levels of staff turnover.

Engaged Employees Really Make a Difference

Employee engagement was listed as a key issue for 48 % of companies. 2-way communication helps employees feel more valued and emotionally connected to an organisation, leading to improved engagement.

Employee experience = Customer experience

The customer experience is directly linked to the experience they have with your employees. A disengaged employee can result in a lost sale. In fact, 65% of all lost customers can be tracked to a disengaged employee.

So, what does this mean for my organization?

Put simply, employee engagement is not something to be ignored. Your people are what makes your company work and recognising their needs to be involved is essential in driving a more effective, engaged, happy and productive workforce.

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