Transforming employee engagement

StaffConnect is a mobile employee app designed to give employees a voice and bridge the gap between deskless and office-based workers.

Discover how StaffConnect can bring your remote, mobile and deskless teams together. Request a 30 minute personalised demo, available remotely or in person.

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    Keep your employees up to date and informed with all your latest company news and updates. Give your employees a voice.

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    Access employee profiles, contact information and a feed of their posts in the directory.

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    Secure integrated messaging system enabling your employees to stay connected

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    Take a quick temperature check of your company and get employees opinions quickly.

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    Provide access to important company documents, onboarding material, safety manuals and other corporate collateral.

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    Use gamification for corporate learning through timed, multiple choice quizzes and display results in leader boards.

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    Promote online and offline company events with the ability to link to relevant event information and registration pages.

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    Provide employees with an RSS feed of your company blog.

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    Send direct alerts, calls to action and important messages to all employee’s devices.

Trusted by industry leaders

Discover how StaffConnect can help protect your business against the negative
impact of disengaged employees.

Discover StaffConnect, the employee app designed to bring remote, mobile and deskless teams together

Deskless, not voiceless

Limited reach communications tools such as email and intranets aren’t fit for purpose to communicate with your deskless employees. StaffConnect is a fully integrated internal communications app designed to unify your entire workforce.

Many systems being used to interact with deskless employees—including WhatsApp, Messenger and emails—aren’t designed for business. StaffConnect’s chat capabilities are fully data compliant and integrated with the rest of our app’s features.

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Your dispersed workforce can feel out of the loop and disconnected when they’re the last to know key information. Distribute news and announcements in real time to every employee with StaffConnect.

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    “StaffConnect helps us reach our non-desk employees with company updates and creates a true sense of community.”
    Dan Rusga

    Dan Rusga, Marketing Director

    Yeo Valley Farms Ltd

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    "We really value the personalised touch we’ve had from the team at StaffConnect; they understood the challenges we face and their ‘AppSuccess’ consultation sessions helped us to devise our launch strategy, ongoing adoption and engagement plans."
    Helena Reeves

    Helena Reeves , Former Director of Communications & Organisational Development


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    "StaffConnect is so much more than a communication tool, it is a pathway to the kind of culture in which our people want to live, work and stay."
    Molly Thompson

    Molly Thompson, VP of PR & Communications

    YMCA Greater Charlotte

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