How to Achieve App Success in Five Steps

How to Achieve App Success in 5 Steps

Thank you for attending the Newsweaver ‘5 Steps to App Success’ webinar.

As a takeaway from the webinar, Ciara O’Keeffe, VP Product and Customer Delivery, has created the ‘How to Achieve App Success in 5 Steps’ pdf guide to share her knowledge in delivering successful apps within internal communications. The guide covers:

  • Decisions
    What type of app do you want and need? They vary in design, functionality and distribution.
  • Internal Selling
    You need to present your findings and recommendations to stakeholders, ensuring you have a strong business case.
  • Preparing for the Launch
    Ciara takes you through how to get employees involved and excited about your forthcoming app.
  • Launch Approach
    The app release should be given just as much time and focus as the earlier phases to ensure it’s well received.
  • On-going Upkeep
    Your app needs to keep up with the pace of technology and the employee expectations set by the consumer app world.

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