Internal communications apps are a relatively new tool for internal communicators and whilst most would agree giving their workforce an app which is accessible on mobile is a great idea, the question on many people’s lips is what can they do, and how does that better my business? Here’s a list of 5 reasons why you should consider deploying an internal communications app in your company.

StaffConnect Internal Communications App
1. Connect with your deskless workforce

Connecting and delivering important communications to employees who aren’t based in an office or do not have access to a computer or company email address can be a challenge, with these groups often missing important messages and announcements, leaving them feeling unconnected and disengaged. Internal Communications Apps can be securely downloaded to personal or work mobile devices, with smartphone adoption set to rise to 2.1 billion by 2016, chances are that most of your employees will have access to a smartphone, enabling you to send timely and relevant messages to your employees anywhere in the world direct to their smartphone.2. Drive brand advocacy and loyaltyEmployee hubs and collaboration groups are a great tool to give employees a voice. Empowering employees to share their experiences at work through photos and videos, enables knowledge sharing and also gets employees more engaged with their work, encouraging brand advocacy and loyalty.3. Enhance efficiency of communications

Mobile apps are a great medium to distribute communications, as typical mobile user behaviour is to consume bite-sized content on a frequent basis. Also when your app is teamed with information and functionality that your employees will use on a daily basis, your corporate messaging and content is more likely to get seen and consumed. Push notifications are a great tool to utilize within internal communications apps. Providing instant alerts and scheduled messages to the whole or segmented groups of the workforce

4. Extend the reach of your communications

Most internal communications apps in the market enable for integration with your systems. Aggregating existing content from sources like your intranet, newsletters, blogs and Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) ensures you are not spending time duplicating content onto another platform. Instead internal communication apps become another channel to extend the reach of your existing communications with the benefit of new features to add further value.

5. Prepare for the future of work

Within 10 years, 75% of the workforce will be millennials who have grown up in a technology-driven environment and are already interacting with companies on their mobiles via channels like social media. To remain an appealing employer you will need to provide the tools for employees to communicate and work more efficiently on their preferred medium, mobile. With an ever-growing array of app features and products, internal communication apps allow you to continually enhance your internal communications offering as your employees embrace mobile working.

With an ever-growing array of app features and products, internal communication apps allow you to continually enhance your internal communications offering as your employees embrace mobile working.
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