By Paddy O’Hagan, Customer Success Manager

As the global response to COVID-19 gathers pace we have been asked by some of our customers to help create a content strategy that maximizes StaffConnect’s functions. Below I offer some quick tips on how to get the most out of StaffConnect over the coming days and weeks:

1. Create a COVID-19 channel. This shows your employees that you’re taking the current situation seriously by dedicating a channel to it and it helps keep important information separate from other information on your app.

2. Within that channel, keep your employees informed to the best of your ability with regular blogs from your senior leaders. In times like these, it’s more important than ever to stick to your cadence so employees know when to expect regular updates.

3. Leverage push notifications and the notify-on-save feature to share urgent updates or news that impacts your employees. Be sure to target these updates as much as you can to avoid alarming groups that aren’t impacted.

4. Use video when you can. Video not only captures our attention, but it allows you to control the tone of the message. This is a great tool when sharing important news or updates that might impact employees.

5. Use analytics to see where the message isn’t getting through. Break your posts down by department or location and find pockets of employees that you need to do more to reach. . For example, you can look at your video analytics to see how much of a video was watched. If only an average 50% of your 3 minute video was watched – make the next one 1 minute 30 seconds long.

6. Use the pinned posts feature to highlight the most important posts in your channel.

7. Use the library module to keep a record of all comms and official policies for those users that can’t access information everyday. Create a new category called COVID-19 Resources so it’s very clear where they can find the relevant documents.

8. Use the Survey function to ask how your staff are doing. We suggest asking: 

  • Are we doing enough?
  • Is there anything you’re unsure about?
  • What information do you need that hasn’t been provided?
  • What concerns do you have?

Collect this feedback and act on it. If an important message has been lost, reiterate that message with another video or blog. Or if your employees are expressing worries and concerns, have your senior leadership team share communications.

Tips for your StaffConnect posts:

  • Take care of your employees. Let your employees know that you are concerned about their well being and are committed to their safety. Keep them informed on your business continuity plans and any solutions you are putting in place.
  • Be consistent with your updates. Let employees know when they should expect to receive updates and stick to the schedule. If you have no meaningful update, still communicate that. If you leave a gap, employees will fill it – most likely with incorrect information.
  • Highlight any changes to policies or procedures and make it easy for them to access complete versions of those policies. 
  • Create themes by using hashtags so that employees can find relevant information quicker. Some hashtags you may consider: #SaferWorkplace #Reporting #Technology #COVID19Updates #Travel #WorkFromHome 
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