In the digital age we live in, anyone who can master the basics of creating a social media account is given a voice.  People use their voices in different ways.  To advocate support for a worthy cause, to pass comment on a celebrity’s appearance or perhaps to ‘humble brag’ about their offspring’s academic achievements.

There is, though, one way to have your voice heard that seems universally popular and showing zero sign of slowing down – online reviews.  Whether it’s hotels, cafes, broadband providers, university professors.  There is a review site for nearly every facet of life.  Some are poorly moderated rant-fests where rational criticism goes to die.  Others are tightly run, incredibly influential and vitally important to those who are subject to the reviews.  Glassdoor is a great example of the latter.  With 800 employees and nearly 50 million visits per month, Recruit Holdings recently announced its intention to pursue a USD1.2bn deal to acquire the organisation.  It’s safe to say you don’t get to be valued quite so highly if you don’t hold significant sway.

Given that work is a fact of life and likely to last upwards of 50 years for some, it is perhaps no surprise that there is such interest in both getting an ‘inside look’ into an organisation and employees providing reviews – good or bad.  Larger organisations have always had loose reputations for the type of employer they were (a job for life, Hire ’em & Fire ’em). Nowadays, prospective employees can visit Glassdoor and read multiple first-hand, in-depth reviews from former and current employees.  They can drill down by individual location and function.  From this, and deploying the usual filters required when assessing online reviews, they can form a reliable, holistic view of the potential employer and their potential fit.

For companies looking to recruit the best people, their Glassdoor score isn’t just an indicator of their likely success in doing so, it’s a key determining factor.  Any potential applicant who has taken the time to analyse their prospective employer’s reviews is doubtlessly more bought into the process than their counterpart who glanced at the company Wiki and the stock price on the day of the interview in case anyone asked.  These are the people you want to attract but conversely the ones most at risk of being turned off by negative reviews.  What are the easy ways to fix that?  Here are some ideas…

Create brand ambassadors
It’s well proven that engaged employees will always be more satisfied in the workplace.  It’s perhaps not particularly surprising that they’ll convert that satisfaction into displays of ambassadorial passion for your organisation which will be reflected in your glowing Glassdoor ratings.

Drive positive customer experience
There is a direct link between positive employee engagement levels and positive customer experiences.  Employees who know they are delivering great products accompanied with great customer service are rightly proud of the organisation and the role they play within it.  This comes out in reviews – who wouldn’t be attracted to work for an organisation where the current workers are so proud of what they deliver?

Increase loyalty and retention
Engaged employees are more loyal and easier to retain.  This delivers a double whammy of lower recruitment and onboarding expenses, but also potential recruits can see that it’s an organisation that people don’t want to leave – allowing you to create a clamour of top-class candidates when you do post an opening.

Make your positive reviews work for your organisation

Positively engaged employees lead to a positive organisational culture which begins to form a virtuous circle that is hard (warning: not impossible) to break.  A CEO who is open, seeks out feedback and ideas and then actions them is going to be held in high esteem.  Collaboration across level, function, geography – these are the kind of ‘look insides’ that excite potential candidates but also delight shareholders and potential investors.  It may seem a bit of a stretch but the gap in relevant importance between your S&P rating and your Glassdoor score is narrowing.  50 million monthly visits – that’s a lot of eyes on your organisation – imagine the power if all they are seeing is positivity and uplifting feedback.  Internet-based reviews may be everywhere, but word of mouth is still a powerful medium when it comes to sentiment.  Your engaged employees will tell anyone who will listen what a great organisation they work for – this verbal testimony can help convince potential candidates who might be at the more sceptical end of trusting the veracity of online reviews.

Heard enough?

We think that’s a convincing case for engaging your employees.  We, and our existing customers, also believe that StaffConnect is the perfect solution to enable that.  StaffConnect will help you transform your employee communications by delivering effective, mobile-based, two-way communication channels that increase transparency and collaboration.  StaffConnect delivers rapid and tangible improvements to the employee experience and, through successful implementation and adoption, ultimately uplifts your employee engagement levels to a place where overwhelmingly positive Glassdoor reviews become a given.

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