Employee advocacy is the golden ticket for almost every business. With the potential to boost brand awareness, build a great reputation for you as an employer, bring in new business and the best of the bunch when it comes to recruiting new employees, it’s no surprise that every business leader and management team out there is looking for ways to inject advocacy into their workforce in an organic and authentic way.

The power of employee advocacy

Employee advocacy is vital for business success.. With the potential to create new business, increase sales and—as a result—profit, no employer should underestimate its power.

With competition rife in every industry, companies are going back to the drawing board time and time again to create new strategies that enable them to stand out from competitors. From innovative marketing tactics to new product releases, businesses are investing time and resources to achieve better results. But simply working to boost employee advocacy is all that’s needed to see improvements in almost every area.

Employee advocacy can:

  • Spread awareness
  • Create an online presence
  • Bring in new leads
  • Attract new talent

With 2020 upon us, New Year business plans are being built, and employee advocacy is sure to be a big part of every company’s strategy. But what are the best employee advocacy platforms for 2020 and how can employers get their staff using them? In this blog post, cutting-edge employee engagement platform, StaffConnect, shares its insight.


With 330 million monthly active users and 134 million daily active users on Twitter, the potential reach of this platform is huge. For many, Twitter is a space to air their views, connect with people who match these, and share their day-to-day thoughts, feelings and experiences through tweets with hashtags that have the potential to go trending.

One of the most used forms of social media worldwide, Twitter is a great place for employees to advocate your business. From retweeting a post you put out about an upcoming rebrand or event to voicing their job satisfaction or the success of a recent works-night-out, twitter can positively expose you as an employer to hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

What’s more, the hashtag function of Twitter means that, if multiple tweets with the same hashtag are published, you’ll even be able to go trending and reach even more people!


Widely considered the social media platform for professionals, LinkedIn is predominantly used to showcase career achievements, advice and related information.

With 610 million people on LinkedIn, including 90 million senior-level influencers, it’s a valuable and well-suited platform for spreading employee advocacy. From talking about personal experiences as an employee in a company to resharing something published by an employer, employee advocacy in LinkedIn can increase the awareness of your business to others in the same industry, create a positive reputation for you as an employer and help attract the best professional talent to your career openings.

Word of mouth

With 3.1 billion people projected to be using social media by 2021, there’s no denying that it’s a valuable resource for employee advocacy. But a method which is far more accessible which has stood the test of time is word of mouth.

Whether your employees express passion about their work to family and friends or recommend your companies products or services to prospects, simply speaking about their employer can have a positive knock-on effect.

Inarguably employee advocacy in its most organic state, employees who promote their employer, company and products or services are doing their bit to improve outsiders view of your company, encourage more warm business leads and elevate the benefits of working for you.

Getting your team to spread the word

So, the best employee advocacy platforms are actually those used by the majority of your workforce on a daily basis. But how do you encourage them to become advocates and voice their support for their employer in an authentic way which doesn’t require you to explicitly ask them?

The answer requires you to revert to the roots of employee advocacy. Ask yourself what makes an employee advocate and you’re one step closer to creating champions for your company.

At the heart of employee advocacy is engagement. If your staff feel valued, motivated and supported in their work, they’re more likely to want to communicate this to others.

Effortless engagement with StaffConnect

StaffConnect is a cutting-edge mobile staff engagement solution you can fit in your pocket. With easy-to-use, purpose built features proven to boost engagement within the workforce—in-office and remote alike—StaffConnect can help your employees to feel part of something greater, increase their overall engagement in their work and feel proud to be a part of your brand.

Take a look through some of our case studies to find out more about how StaffConnect can help boost your workforce’s engagement to organically create employee advocates for your company.

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