New Survey Data: Employee Engagement Remains High on the Priority List, But Faces Hurdles and Lacks Key Resources to Ensure Its Success

Key Findings Reveal Enterprises Are Depending On Limited Reach Legacy Communications – Such as Email and Newsletters; Employee Engagement Remains Unmeasured – Regardless of Clear Ties to Bottom-line; and Most Organizations Have a Desire to Improve the Employee Experience

Non-Desk Employees Remain the “Forgotten Workforce” Leading to Poor Morale, Decreased Productivity, Unhappy Customers, and Lower Revenues/Profitability

LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, June 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — StaffConnect, the leading provider of mobile employee engagement solutions, today announced the results of a survey it conducted of C-level executives, HR, Communications and other business professionals in North America and Europe regarding employee communications and engagement in the enterprise, including methodologies, technologies, challenges and goals.

The top three findings of the survey, from respondents across a broad range of industries, revealed that:

Enterprise organizations are still relying primarily on email to communicate with employees (77.94%) and/or newsletters (48.53%), while less than 2% are leveraging new and innovative technologies, such as mobile apps

Today’s employee engagement success is either not being measured (26.47%), or utilizing decreased absenteeism/employee turnover rates (35.29%) or increased profitability (23.53%) as indicators

An overwhelming number of enterprise organizations are planning to improve their employees’ experience in 2018 (74.24%), while unfortunately there was a small percentage that had no plans to do so (25.76%).

The study also highlighted that many organizations have a significant proportion of non-desk employees (NDEs). Over one-third of respondents (37.50%) indicated that they have 50% or more of their workforce in non-desk positions. Remote employee job positions were found across a wide range of industries including finance, healthcare, manufacturing and retail.

“The results of StaffConnect’s recent survey validated many beliefs, while producing some surprises as well,” said Geraldine Osman, CMO, StaffConnect.  “We expected and were happy to learn that the majority of the respondents rated the importance of the employee experience and planned to improve it.  Likewise, it was no surprise to see that while employee engagement was recognized as important, most organizations do not possess the right tools and/or methodologies to measure it effectively.”  Osman added, “Unfortunately, as business management guru Peter Drucker pointed out, ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.’”

“However, one of the biggest surprises for many that review the results of this survey is that while the majority of today’s enterprise organizations appreciate and invest in new and innovative technologies in order to create and maintain competitive advantage, achieve corporate goals and win in the marketplace, many HR and Communications departments – even the C-suite – remain rather behind the times in this area.  A very large percentage are still relying on email and newsletters to reach their entire workforce – both frontline and NDEs – the reality being that their employees will likely receive communications late, or not at all,” continued Osman.  “At best, this means a growing percentage of an organization’s workforce will feel isolated, frustrated and neglected – simply not a part or an unimportant part of the team.  Further, an organization’s NDEs may not receive the information necessary to do their jobs.  This, of course, leads to lower employee engagement – which leads to dissatisfied employees, lower productivity, decreased customer service, unhappy customers, and lower revenues/profits.”  She continued, “This is especially alarming as Josh Bersin, Principal, Deloitte noted in his recent report entitled, “2017 Global Human Capital Trends” in which he points to the rise of external workers together with the impact of gig economy workers are two macro trends that means the existing 2.8 billion non-desk workers is set to explode even further.”

“Lower revenue and profits generally do not sit well with most senior executives and BODs, which is why the topic of employee engagement has been elevated to one of the top leadership issues across today’s most forward-thinking and successful organizations,” said Emma Bridger, Director, People Lab, and author of the recently published report, “Spotlight on the Employee Engagement Profession.” “It is critical that today’s HR and Communications leaders define engagement and its impact on the organization and then align this to the goals of the business, in order to gain C-suite support of plans to address it.”

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