A new press release states, “StaffConnect, the leading provider of mobile employee engagement solutions, today announced a new release of its enterprise employee engagement platform. StaffConnect version 2.2 includes new features and functionality designed to improve employee engagement and job satisfaction by creating an elevated employee experience. The new capabilities ensure that customers have even greater ability to provide an integrated offering for desk and non-desk employees (NDEs) to access all of the resources they need to do their jobs, and to stay in the communication loop—regardless of their location.”

The release continues, “Other new features of version 2.2 include extended integration into enterprise systems to allow enterprises to easily create a central access hub for their employees to access Payroll, HR and other important resources. Additionally, the new version of StaffConnect brings further security enhancements and data privacy in line with GDPR compliance requirements, customer brand expansion into new functions to increase a positive company brand across a distributed workforce, and even more key mobile features for workforce flexibility, improved job satisfaction, productivity and profitability.”

It adds, “In terms of security enhancements, the new version introduces disk level encryption to further protect data at rest, in addition to the encryption in transit already present throughout the platform. Version 2.2 also introduces an information security management system and risk management framework that allows StaffConnect to manage, monitor, audit, and improve its information security in line with actual user best practices. Another enhanced feature is improved transparency for users about how the platform stores and uses data, as well as about users’ individual rights. In addition to updating the privacy notice to users in accessible language, GDPR owner and processes were added to manage subject access requests.”


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