When it comes to successful organisations, no two have the exact same formula that has driven them to positively stand out from the crowd.  It’s often a blend: great products, great service, great value, relentless innovation.  However, there is always one common denominator that identifies a business destined for success – a single-minded determination to put the customer at the centre of everything they do.  These organisations invest heavily in getting to know their customers, what they like, what they need, how to engender loyalty, how to make them both advocates and champions of the brand.

What can sometimes be a little baffling is that these same customer-centric organisations take quite a different tack when it comes to defining and delivering their employee experience.  Too often this seems to be done in isolation by a restricted cabal of senior managers.  This can often lead to a sub-optimal output that fails to realise the potential of a carefully crafted approach.  Why?  Because no one has asked the experts.  And we don’t mean us, although we can definitely help.  We mean the employees themselves.

Here are three simple steps to achieving the employee experience that will delight your employees, drive loyalty and retention and ensure your customers receive the best possible service:

  1. Ask your employees what they want the experience to be – you might be surprised!

The way we work has changed and is evolving constantly, with over 70 % of professionals working remotely at least once a week, driven by the all-conquering rise of mobile technology, social media and the instant ability to source information from anywhere at any time.    So, put your assumptions to one side and get to know your workers better.  Understand what they would like and what they currently don’t. Harvest their ideas for innovation and efficiencies.  If your millennial workers are pulling their hair out at the clunky limitations of the existing intranet, then that needs attention and remedy.  Give your employees a voice and engage them through involvement right from the beginning.

  1. Show you were listening and keep the conversation going

The big risk faced by any organisation that seeks the views of its employees is the perception that the responses were ignored.  Employees will assume that no one cared in the first place or that their suggestions were deemed stupid or irrelevant.  Thus, the first step to reaping the benefits of engaged employees can backfire horribly if the organisation doesn’t drive the conversation forward.  Collate the ideas, ask follow-up questions, let fellow employees rank the ideas, share action plans.  This is employee engagement in action and the rewards will be instantaneous.

  1. Ensure that everyone is onboard and that your messages are landing

As you begin to implement your employee-led employee experience, it is vital that you track and monitor how it is being received across the organisation. It is vital that your communications are reaching your entire workforce, including those workers who may not necessarily be desk-based or don’t have a corporate email address. Employers need to know if employees feel disengaged or unhappy, so they can put fixes in place.  Has a cultural misinterpretation caused a communications breakdown in a regional office?  Are older workers feeling disturbed by new practices that play to their concerns of their own relevance in the organisation?   For all employees to be engaged, all employees need to have a voice and need to know how to make it heard and that it will be listened to.

That all sounds great.  It gets better.  There is a solution that enables you to do all the above and so much more.  And it’s already transforming employee engagement for clients like you around the globe.  The StaffConnect mobile employee engagement platform transforms the employee experience by enabling large enterprises to connect, communicate and engage their distributed workforce, especially remote, deskless employees.

It gives you the ability to open two-way conversations with employees, wherever they are.  Questions asked and answered.  Suggestions received and acted upon.  Action plans shared, and progress mapped and celebrated. Surveys, quizzes, competitions – endless combinations of ways to keep your employees engaged, loyal and the exact same brand advocates that you strive to make your customers.  The platform comes with all the measurement and analysis tools you’ll need to monitor progress and the ability to proactively identify any issues before they become full-blown problems.

The payback?  An evolving, tailored employee experience that exactly matches the desires and wishes of your evolving workforce.  A workforce who will be engaged like never before, and an organisation that can realise all the proven impacts of employee engagement such as increased productivity, improved customer experience and materially enhanced staff retention rates.

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