It’s not worth building a digital employee experience (DEX) that doesn’t work for the people at its core. Your workforce’s thoughts and opinions on DEX within your organisation should always form the basis of any implementation plan you’ve got in the works. This is how you maximise staff retention, drive higher engagement levels and enhance productivity.

In this blog, digital employee engagement specialist StaffConnect shares their expertise on making your digital tools work for your employees—instead of the other way around. Check out these five digital employee experience questions you need to be asking your workforce.

Do our existing systems help or hinder your workflow?

Digital isn’t necessarily always better. You may have brought in a number of new systems aimed at speeding up processes, but juggling multiple programmes that don’t work alongside one another is likely to cause more roadblocks than it resolves. This is a standard yes/no question you can ask your staff as a jumping off point for a larger discussion around digital employee experience.

How many systems do you currently have to use to complete your daily tasks?

Over the past few years, organisations have attempted to shift from traditional back-end systems to more lightweight, nimble platforms built in a bid to make things more efficient. The problem is that this creates a need for a myriad of microservice technologies that complicate your internal processes. Ideally, you want to go against the trend and streamline your back-end operations—either by minimising the number of systems or ensuring they are compatible and accessible from a single point.

What are the most important digital experience factors for you?

It’s imperative that you understand what your workforce’s priorities are in using the digital tools at their disposal. These may not necessarily echo your over-arching company objectives, but this doesn’t mean that your employees aren’t engaged with these goals. Sometimes the process of achieving these goals isn’t as straightforward as you might imagine. Trust your employees—they’re the ones using these systems day-in and day-out!

Do you feel well-supported in using our existing digital tools?

With the massive number of technologies being introduced—and often swiftly replaced—in large organisations nowadays, it can be hard to keep up. You might introduce the greatest platform in the world, but if your employees aren’t confident using it, it will be more of a hindrance to productivity than a help. How do you know if the training provided is enough? If the people using the system feel well-trained, of course.

What are your biggest concerns regarding DEX?

Your employees need to feel able to come forward about the issues with their digital experience. Still, many people won’t volunteer complaints of their own volition for fear of the consequences. If they’re asked, on the other hand, you’re likely to get a straight answer that could prove extremely constructive in implementing systems that alleviate these concerns.

Use StaffConnect

It’s clear that the modern digital employee experience demands an approach that facilitates communication and feedback between staff and senior management. StaffConnect is a digital employee engagement platform that does exactly that. Our mobile app and web console is built around horizontal communication, giving your in-office and deskless workers a voice in your organisation as you pursue digital transformation.

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