This weeks blog post comes from Geraldine Osman,  Marketing VP at Staff Connect.

Facebook has become one of the biggest media giants on the planet and boasts nearly 1.8 billion active monthly users, making it the most widely used social network in the world.

But this represents its own set of issues…

Facebook are in the news again this week with the recurring problem of what they should or can do to prevent illegal/malicious/terrorist/offensive material being distributed and published on their platform. This is a hard issue to solve, practically, morally, ethically and technically. When Zuckerburg created Facebook he never envisioned how huge it would become or that it could equally be used for ill as well as good (or you would hope not).

And now there is Facebook Workplace.  Facebook’s Workplace biggest selling point seems to be that user adoption is easier than others because people are already familiar with the platform.  It looks and feels a lot like the consumer version, but with all the aversions that businesses have towards Facebook in the office, is that a good thing for your company, your employees and your brand?

Overall Workplace appears to be a viable tool for enterprise social media, but it feels as if it has been designed with the consumer Facebook in mind, rather than from an HR and employee needs perspective.

We frequently hear from customers that have complex security infrastructures, policies and strict usage guidelines around Facebook in the workplace.

They have spent considerable time, money and effort to keep Facebook out of the workplace. By introducing Facebook Workplace as an internal communication tool (that looks and feels like the consumer version) this surely promotes the message that it is ok to use Facebook for personal use at work and conflicts with everything your company has done to prevent Facebook use during business hours.

When you are considering a platform for engaging and connecting employees in the workplace with the overall purpose of creating a better culture, a happy and productive workforce and a Glassdoor rating to be proud of, how does Facebook Workplace (or other ESN platforms) contribute to that?

Employee engagement platforms like StaffConnect have been designed and developed with exactly that purpose in mind. Our experts aren’t just clever techies (although we do have a few of those), they are HR leaders and communications strategists who understand the purpose and why it matters.

We live and breathe the employee experience and we created our solution specifically for this purpose.

We don’t believe in the “one size fits all approach” and the StaffConnect App is tailored to your individual needs and fully branded to your corporate guidelines.  We know that a new communications tool, on its own, isn’t the answer to your problem. You need to make sure that the tool works for you, your business and your workforce.

We offer an AppSuccess program designed by internal communications experts to ensure the quick and ongoing success of implementing StaffConnect. We provide customers with guidance on best practise content strategy, training for the management console and a library of resources to support a successful launch and ongoing use.

So, with all this in mind, and as much as I sympathise with the sheer scale of the problems Facebook are facing, I would urge anyone considering Workplace as a solution for engagement to look at options designed and fit for this purpose as well.


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