Employee advocacy is widely considered the cream of the crop when it comes to engagement, with only the most invested, motivated and satisfied employees achieving the ‘advocates’ status.

Although creating employees who are also advocates of your brand is something which takes a lot of time and effort, employee advocacy stats are proof that it’s a worthwhile investment which can help your business achieve greater things, including more sales, a better reputation and reduced staff turnover.

Employee advocacy for marketing

One of the many benefits of employee advocates is their ability to market your company. From sharing how great it is to work in your company to promoting the products and services you’re able to provide, employee advocates are a secret weapon with the power to outdo any marketing team.

It goes without saying that, if you’re looking to achieve greater brand visibility, increase leads and secure more conversions, putting work into creating employee advocates is time well spent.

Effect on sales

Employee advocacy might seem like a bonus in the workplace, but it can be utilized to boost sales. In fact, 84% of consumers’ value the recommendation of their friends, family and acquaintances above any form of advertising.

Because personal recommendations are widely considered more reliable than the marketing activity of a brand, creating employee advocates—organically or through advocacy programmes—is a proven way to increase the amount of leads and potential new customers, with 77% more consumers admitting they’re more likely to make a purchase when it is personally recommended.

Brand awareness

One of the main aims for marketers is to increase brand awareness, and a great marketing team can achieve this. However, employee advocacy can get the same—if not better—results for 1/10th of the budget.

And a lot of the reason behind this is that content, such as news, special offers and blogs, shared by employees receives 8X more engagement than that shared by brand channels.

Taking a more personal approach, the boosting of brand awareness through employee advocacy via online social platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook is a proven way to increase the visibility of your brand. With the potential to achieve great results without the need for a pricey marketing campaign, employees who shout about your brand are a real asset to boosting awareness.

Whether this advocacy happens organically or through an employee advocacy programme, your team can increase the reach of your brand by as much as 561%, lead to higher levels of engagement with the content you put out and have a positive effect on the number of new leads and conversions, with the potential to be responsible for as much as 45% of new revenue.

Get StaffConnect

But how can you create employees willing to advocate your brand? StaffConnect is an employee communications engagement mobile-first platform designed to keep your staff in the loop with all aspects of your company to increase the chance of high engagement and encourage advocacy behaviour.

Take a look through some of our case studies to find out more about how StaffConnect can boost your employee engagement levels and create advocates who can help your business reap the benefits promised by the employee advocacy stats.

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