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It’s time to change how we share information with employees. Why? Because disengaged employees cost you time and money and are damaging to your business.

Around 80% of the working world doesn’t sit at a desk, including some of our most valuable customer-facing workers, such as waiting staff, shop assistants and healthcare staff. Often, these deskless workers are being left out of internal communications, causing misunderstanding, resentment and an invisible financial burden.

StaffConnect is supported by a team of HR and internal communications specialists. In this blog post, we share our expertise on using employee news apps to connect your workforce.

Why are your employees leaving?

It’s no coincidence that industries with a high percentage of deskless workers also have a high turnover rate. Retail, manufacturing, hospitality and healthcare all struggle to retain talented staff and struggle with high attrition rates. One survey found that some parts of the UK’s hospitality sector have a 90% staff churn rate.

This is an expensive statistic. According to StaffConnect’s calculations, hospitality-sector businesses that are paying the average salary of £8.21 per hour are losing £3,200 every time somebody leaves. For organisations with 60 employees, this amounts to a yearly spend of £172,000 on staff turnover.

There are plenty of reasons for this, including lack of recognition by senior management , lack of career progression opportunities or poor internal communication. When employees are not receiving your messages it can be harmful to staff morale, your organisation and even your customers. Just think about it: the last employees to know critical information are the ones in most regular contact with your end user.

Thankfully, this is a fairly simple problem to resolve once identified.

How to reach deskless workers

If your deskless workers are currently being left out of communications within your organisation, there is no point trying to integrate them into a system that wasn’t designed to reach them. You need to ensure that your internal communications strategy includes your deskless workforce, instead of inviting them to participate in something that isn’t fit for purpose in the first place. They do, after all, represent the bulk of your employees.

Limited reach desktop communications are no longer fit-for-purpose in large, dispersed organisations. Email, staff intranet and anything that involves being in front of a computer screen simply isn’t accessible to your deskless workforce, who need information the most.

Start thinking about what your entire workforce has access to: a smartphone. 90% of people in developed countries own a mobile phone, making them the perfect vehicle for company communications with deskless workers.

Why StaffConnect?

StaffConnect is a leading employee engagement solution used by clients including Yeo Valley and the NHS to communicate and engage with their deskless workforce. Our employee app levels the imbalance between in-office and deskless staff by ensuring information is distributed quickly and fairly across the organisation.

Discover some of our case studies to find out more about how StaffConnect can transform internal communications for your organisation.

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