This week’s blog post comes from Greg Wilmot, Territory Sales Manager, StaffConnect.

The world of employee communications is changing fast. It is all about embracing new technologies putting the power to communicate in everyone’s hands. We look at what this means for IC agencies and how mobile technology can help differentiate, acquire and retain new accounts.

Organisations are beginning to understand the importance of investing in communications and engagement technology to improve productivity, reduce attrition rates and attract and retain top talent.

The Deloitte Humans Trends report   highlights that the main frustrations for employees are poor internal communications, out of date information and no follow up on feedback. Organisations are having to rethink the way they evolve their communications strategy to meet the demands and expectations of their workforce. Employees want messaging that’s personal – they want relevant, compelling content and information in real-time, and they want it now.

So, how does this impact digital internal communication agencies?

Empower your clients to transform the way they communicate with their workforce 

The fast-changing pace of technology and demands for instant communications are presenting a big challenge for some organisations when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends and meeting the needs of their employees.

Whilst communications technology may have traditionally been seen as an unnecessary cost, organisations are realising the need to rethink their internal communications strategy.

With so many different options and technologies available, it can be a daunting task for organisations to find the right solution for them. Digital agencies are in a great position to offer consultation services to companies who are looking increase internal communications and raise employee engagement.  By building a long-term strategy to support and maximise your client’s internal communications goals you can position yourselves as Internal communications advisors which differentiates your agency from your competitors and may lead to new business opportunities.

Compelling content is key to driving employee engagement.

As communication experts, you will already understand that a platform will only ever be as good as the content placed within it, and that is a key selling point for your content marketing services.

In the past traditional management communications have been communicated via email, company newsletter or posted on the intranet – but this is now a thing of the past. Content can be created by anyone, regardless of job role, or location.

Digital agencies can advise on content marketing and highlight the important of providing compelling content that will add value and raise engagement levels. Your client will be relieved to know that they do not feel pressured to constantly curate content, and because there is always something new to offer the information you are delivering is far more engaging.

Increased engagement and productivity  

By giving employees a voice your client’s can help people feel connected to your company and their brand. We see great results from our customers after rolling out StaffConnect, with far more input from employees across the organisation and increased engagement and productivity levels.

The ability to broadcast messages to individual groups leads to increased productivity. When an employee can reach out to thousands of people to ask for help and immediately receive an answer, they save days of research time.

Clear ROI and reporting

It is vital that clear reporting is in place to manage the effectiveness and ROI of your client’s investment in their employee engagement platform. Clients should be able to track ROI through engagement surveys and easily manage reporting and monitoring of content, or better still you can manage it on their behalf as part of your services.

It’s all about collaboration – How we can help 

It is important to remember that for any internal communications tool to be truly effective it needs to be a collaborative effort from the the agency, client, employer and employee. Suggestions, feedback and ideas should be tracked from the start and your clients and their employees should be given the opportunity to exchange ideas and ask questions.

We can help you with that. We don’t believe in the “one size fits all approach” and the StaffConnect App is tailored to your individual needs and fully branded to your client’s corporate guidelines.  We know that a new communications tool, in isolation, isn’t the answer to your problem. You need to make sure that the tool works for you, your client and their workforce.

We offer an AppSuccess program designed by internal communications experts to ensure the quick and ongoing success of StaffConnect. This provides guidance on best practice content strategy, training for the management console and a library of resources to help support you and your clients.




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