The world around us is changing rapidly, not only in the way we live, work and communicate but also the way we shop.  The changes have been particularly stark for retailers who have seen their landscape change endlessly, especially in more recent times. One fundamental driver of this change has been technology.  The disruption technology can wreak on “traditional” retailers is well told.  Equally though, technology has presented a myriad of opportunities to retailers with the vision to spot and harness them.

So, what does technology have to do with reducing staff attrition?  Well, rather a lot.  One of best ways to reduce staff attrition is to ensure you have an engaged workforce.  Back in the day that could be done by shop floor meetings, pre-shift briefings, motivational updates pinned to a notice board.  Technology has blown that paradigm apart and created a brave new world in which retailers can engage their workforce in ways that would never have been previously possible.

Many employees in the retail sector don’t have desk-based roles.  They might not have corporate email accounts.  What they do nearly always have is a smartphone.  What if you could engage with them via a device they pick up a hundred times a day?

What could you provide them with?  A thorough onboarding experience that quickly makes them feel part of the team and the wider organisation?  An electronic version of the employee handbook?  All the help, support and training that ensures they hit the ground running and swiftly overcome any of the natural apprehension of starting a new job?  That sounds like a great start.

Now they are in the role, why not use engagement strategies that measure employee satisfaction?  Find out what they love about the role, what frustrates them and what they would do differently.  Make sure they get all the corporate updates they need.  Keep everyone on the same page, striving towards common goals and displaying common behaviours.

“Your number 1 customers are your employees. Look after your people first and then customers after.”
Ian Hutchinson, Chief Engagement Officer, and author of People Glue

Engaged employees become loyal employees and your best brand advocates.  They seek out ways to better themselves through training and upskilling.  They form an emotional attachment to the organisation that unengaged employees simply don’t possess.  Staff stay with the organisation for longer.  Your recruitment and training costs nosedive, whilst your employee satisfaction ratios soar.  You become the envy of your competitors and you can attract the very best, without being solely dependent on offering the highest remuneration.

The StaffConnect mobile engagement platform can deliver all of the above and a lot more as well.  We’ve put together an e-book just for retailers who want to find out more about exactly how employee engagement can help you attract and retain the very best.

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