How connected are your employees to the values and mission of your organisation?

Across the world, the overwhelming response seems to be ‘not very’. Research shows that employee disengagement levels have reached crisis point, with only 15% of people reporting feeling engaged at work. What’s worse, a higher percentage—17%—are ‘actively disengaged’ or hostile towards their employer.

Could mobile technology be the answer? StaffConnect thinks so. Read on to find out why.

Reach your deskless workforce

There is some similarity between the amount of people who report not being engaged at work and the percentage of workers that are deskless. 80% of people don’t sit at a desk, limiting or restricting their access to traditional internal communications channels like email or staff intranets.

This means deskless workers are being left out of the loop, often the last to know crucial company information and disconnected from your office-based staff. The consequences of this can be severe. Staff turnover rates, for example, are sky-high in industries that have a high proportion of deskless workers: one survey in the UK found that some parts of the hospitality sector have 90% staff churn.

Unlike desktop only solutions, mobile apps don’t discriminate between in-office and deskless staff and ensure that information is passed evenly across your entire organisation.

Create a sense of community

People who are happy in their jobs and feel like a part of something bigger are less likely to move on to another opportunity and more likely to turn in better work for their company. But company culture can feel like a fairly abstract goal. What does it even look like?

For dispersed organisations who have a high percentage of deskless workers and staff spread across multiple locations, a good place to start is opening up communication between your various teams. Staff intranets often provide dedicated areas for your workforce to connect, but are outdated and inaccessible to a large percentage of your non office based staff.

In an age dominated by smartphones and social media, mobile apps can double as miniature social channels for your employees to get to know each other, share content and embrace your company’s mission.

Give your employees a voice

It’s important to not impose blanket solutions on your employees. What works for one organisation won’t necessarily work for all, and will be a waste of time and money if it doesn’t meet your company’s needs. What’s the most effective way of knowing what those needs are? Ask your workforce.

The type of two-way communication that is so easily facilitated via mobile apps evens the playing field between senior management and the rest of your staff, empowering employees to come forward with questions, feedback and solutions. This will make them feel valued and respected by their employer and less likely to jump ship.

Why StaffConnect?

Not all mobile apps are made equal. Choose one that is purpose-built for internal communication and employee engagement in large, dispersed organisations. StaffConnect is a leading employee engagement mobile app that is used by organisations in lots of different sectors, from hospitality to healthcare, retail to manufacturing. Check out our case studies below or book a product demonstration with one of our experts to find out more.

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