Delighted customers.  The holy grail for pretty much every organisation.  When even an airline, that seemed to take pleasure in finding new ways to annoy its passengers, starts looking for ways to actually deliver customer satisfaction, you know that the balance of power has shifted to the customer in a way that is unlikely to be reversed.

Why is customer experience so vital to an enterprise’s success?  Customers are faced with unprecedented levels of choice combined with more sources of feedback than ever before.  It wasn’t that long ago that a customer with a complaint would tell about ten people of the incident.  Not great for sure, but just about manageable.  Now, the proliferation of feedback and ranking sites allows customers to regale their experiences to a global audience of millions.  A reported service failing can quickly go viral and get a life of its own leading to short and long term brand damage.  A minor design flaw in a product, that few would have noticed, can be highlighted, shared and suddenly there’s a queue of dissatisfied customers demanding refunds or modifications.  For the enterprise, negative customer experiences, even if they are far from the norm, can be costly and time consuming to address and rectify.

So, who is responsible for the customer experience?  Surely anyone who is customer facing?  They interact with the customers and are the public face of the organisation, right?  Whilst that is not untrue, what about the person responsible for ensuring they are appropriately skilled and trained to deliver exemplar customer service?  What about the person who designed the product they are selling, who could have gone the extra mile to make the product that bit more durable but, for whatever reason, didn’t?  What about the finance guy who decided to bump the price up for existing customers without checking if that rendered the product uncompetitive?  What about the person in marketing who wrote to customers about the price increase but didn’t put much effort into the copy of the letter, leaving customers confused and generating complaints?  Quickly, it becomes apparent that everyone within an organisation, top to bottom, customer-facing or not, plays a crucial role in delivering the best possible customer experience.

Increasingly, mobile technology has a major role to play in the delivery of best in class customer experiences.  How so?  What would it have taken for the persons in the product, finance, marketing and other support functions across the business to have gone that extra mile to make that the best possible product available at a price that the customer felt represented value?  Motivation?  Inspiration?  Knowing that they work at a customer-centric organisation? Essentially, the installation and promulgation of a clear company ethos to all employees.  Never easy, but that’s where mobile technology comes in.

StaffConnect, the world’s leading mobile internal communications platform, utilises mobile technology to ensure that every employee receives the exact company communications you want them to.  More than that, it builds a bridge between different strata of employees, different functions and different geographies.  With StaffConnect, everybody knows what the organisation stands for, what that means for them and the vital importance of their role in delivering customer excellence – no matter how far removed from the physical customer they may appear.  Engaged employees are happier employees.  Happier employees are motivated and inspired employees.  The kind of employees that are much easier, and much more desirable, to retain than those whose engagement levels are relatively low.

StaffConnect uses mobile technology to provide actionable engagement insights via its management console.  It doesn’t discriminate between desk-based and field-based employees.  Employees who don’t have a corporate email account or access to the intranet? No problem, it’s mobile technology so they can access it from their smartphone.  From the receptionist who welcomes visitors, to the delivery driver in the field, everyone gets the same communications and everyone knows the critical role they play in delivering excellent customer experience.

Mobile technology such as StaffConnect can be used tactically as well.  Need to clear some stock quickly?  Send out an update to the relevant sales team?  A competitor introduces a sale?  Use the platform to let employees know there is a price match.  Some negative coverage in the media?  Ensure everyone has the correct positioning statements to deal with customer enquiries.

A virtual circle is formed.  Your engaged employees radiate job satisfaction and confidence in the product.  Your customers get great products, wrapped with great service, at great prices. They become your advocates and sing your praises to the masses.  Through the smart use of mobile technology and platforms like StaffConnect, everybody wins.

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