Knowing what your employees actually think of you as a business leader or manager and your company can be scary. But, ultimately, it’s vital for the improvement of your name as an employer, your role as a driving force in the company, the performance of your business and, importantly, the happiness of your workforce.

If you’re a business leader whose willing to hear the good—and bad—from your employees first hand, then congratulations—you’re one step closer to an improved workforce, and as a result, better business.

But acknowledging the need to listen to what your employees have to say is only the first step. How to get feedback from employees is a question almost as old as time itself, and one which may not always be as simple to answer as you think.

That’s because the way you ask your staff for feedback can influence the quality and sincerity of the comments you receive. To get the most out of your employee feedback and make a real difference to your business, StaffConnect have put this blog post together with its top ways to get feedback from employees.

Show you care

You’re a responsible employer who is passionate about your business and the people that work for it. But do your staff know this?

Whether you offer a great benefit system for your team, provide free refreshments for them to enjoy throughout their working day or offer an open door policy in your office, although these gestures might seem like a good way to show appreciation for the hard work they do and let them know you care, there’s one key way that will make your workforce take note.

Talking to your team—both in groups and one-on-one—might seem like an unnecessary distraction, but it’s a key relationship-builder which will help you get valuable feedback.

Think about it, if you are comfortable talking to someone on a daily basis, you’re far more likely to feel at ease when it comes to airing your opinion about anything from their management methods to business vision.

So, if you’re a business leader or team manager who is happy to promote an open door policy, great. But it’s important to show you care through effective communication, such as regular conversations and even light chit-chat which creates a feeling of ease and encourages staff to take the chance to have their voice heard with both hands.

Watch out for signs

Knowing when to ask for feedback from your team is almost as important as the way you ask for it. Too much and your team will stop using the opportunity to its fullest, too little and small niggles could go unsolved, becoming issues which damage your team’s engagement.

Sometimes, the best policy for getting good feedback from employees is a play-it-by-ear approach. And no, we don’t mean listening in on office conversations. But keeping a lookout for the signs that your team might have something to say is an effective way to get valuable feedback, when you need it.

Signs to look out for include:

  • Reduced productivity
  • Lower engagement
  • A breakdown in communications

But this is something which requires near-perfect timing. You need to be hot on any sign of employee concern, dissatisfaction or disengagement. Left unnoticed, these are all detrimental to your workforce and business.

Regular surveys

Watching out for the right signs to know when to get feedback from employees is all well and good, but if you’re out of office, unable to keep a close eye on employee activity or simply don’t want to risk these sins going unnoticed, you may prefer to have a safety net in place.

Regular employee surveys give you that security. Whether you conduct a weekly review to keep up to date with your team’s thoughts and feelings or create tailor-made surveys off the back of a particular project or period for more specific feedback, there’s still a lot to be said with testing the water the old-fashioned way.

But simply printing off a generic tick box survey won’t suffice with the modern-day worker. You need to provide bespoke surveys that allow your team to say what they think.

Get StaffConnect

That’s where StaffConnect comes in. A new approach to boosting employee engagement, the StaffConnect mobile platform is an innovative, up-to-date way to get feedback from employees.

With purpose-built features, including a survey section that allows you to conduct bespoke, confidential surveys digitally, StaffConnect is the easy way to get employees onboard and engaged, and keep it that way.

To find out more about StaffConnect, get in touch with a member of the team now, or request a demo to see how StaffConnect’s features can benefit you and your team.

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