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Communication is everything. It keeps day-to-day operations moving, connects your workforce and ensures roadblocks can be easily resolved when they inevitably crop up.

Nowadays, most of our communication happens digitally—both inside and outside the workplace. This is particularly true of large organisations, that may have teams spread out over several locations. From messaging apps to emails and intranets, it seems as though every company has a unique approach.

Whatever you’re using to reach your workforce, StaffConnect can help you get the most out of your workforce communications platform. Check out our advice on what to prioritise below.

Go mobile

80% of the global workforce doesn’t sit at a desk. This means that if you’re primarily or totally relying on desktop systems—such as email or intranets—to reach your employees, you’re actually excluding non-desk staff from important conversations, failing to pass on company information and stoking the fire of resentment that comes with feeling left behind.

This is particularly critical for sectors like hospitality, healthcare and retail, where deskless workers are also your main customer or patient-facing employees. Their job satisfaction has a direct impact on your end user. Mobile solutions can bridge the gap between you and your deskless workers by putting communication at their fingertips, regardless of their role or location.


Richard Branson famously stated that customers come second, while employees come first. Your employees are the lifeblood of your business, successful organisations find out and understand what their employees are looking for and deliver on it. Their needs matter on more than just an interpersonal level: they also matter for your bottom line. If your employees don’t feel heard or valued within your company, they’re likely to leave.

StaffConnect’s calculations recently found that in the hospitality sector, where the average UK salary is £8.21 an hour, you’re losing £3,200 every time an employee decides to quit. Your workforce communications platform can help you reduce staff turnover, so long as you’re checking in regularly, empowering your workers to feed back on their job satisfaction and taking action on their responses.


Employee engagement and productivity are more than just the latest corporate buzzwords. Let’s face facts: people aren’t going to work hard just because you tell them to. Your employees work harder—or better, to be exact—because they care about the company’s goals, feel that they have a voice within the organisation and are being rewarded and recognised for their hard work.

It’s estimated that productivity lost to staff disengagement costs companies 34% of an employee’s salary every year. Workforce communications platforms are a powerful tool for engaging employees, helping organisations build communities and galvanise workers around your values.

Why StaffConnect?

The easiest way to use a workforce communications platform effectively is to have the right foundations in place. Many systems—such as messaging apps—aren’t designed for use in large, dispersed workforce. A purpose-built enterprise system like StaffConnect provides you with all the tools you need: you just need to use them.

Read our case studies to discover how StaffConnect has helped customers transform employee engagement across a range of sectors, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality.

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