StaffConnect Platform Enables the Home Builder to More Effectively Communicate and Share Its Mission With a Diverse Group of Employees Across Multiple Locations

London and San Francisco, CA (February 19, 2019) – StaffConnect, the leading provider of mobile employee engagement solutions, today announced that UK-based ilke Homes is using the StaffConnect platform to effectively communicate and share its mission, vision and goals with a unique group of employees with different skill sets, across multiple locations. The company specialises in delivering precision-engineered, energy efficient homes at scale, helping to address the UK’s demand for housing.

ilke Homes is fast becoming one of the major players in the housing industry and has ambitions to deliver 2,000 homes by 2020 and 5,000 homes in the next five years. Working in partnership with a diverse range of UK’s leading suppliers, housebuilders, developers, registered providers and local authorities, the company works with its partners to help them create sustainable communities they can be proud of.

ilke Homes needed a way to communicate its mission with employees across multiple locations in real-time, ensuring individuals throughout the entire organization were aware of the mission and their role in achieving it. Since the business requires many workers to be out in the field rather than desk-based, and many lack access to a laptop or desktop computer, the company also needed a way to consolidate internal communication into a single digital platform, instead of using multiple tools like email or intranet, which are not accessible to deskless employees.

The team wanted a mobile engagement solution that would be easy for every employee to access, implement, and use regardless of where they are based. With a priority of ensuring open two-way communication between workers in the field/production site and management back at headquarters, ilke Homes wanted the most effective way to share information across the organisation and among work groups. It was also critical that the communication be two-way not just from management to staff, but from staff to their managers and peers, to share perspectives, viewpoints and best practices.

After exploring several options, ilke Homes decided that to achieve all of these goals they needed a mobile solution that was capable of reaching their entire workforce. Their search led them to StaffConnect’s mobile engagement solution, whose platform not only helped them share the company’s vision and goals with every worker at each level of the organisation, but also easily enabled delivery of other key company news, including status-related updates about the company’s progress toward its goal of delivering 2,000 precision-engineered homes within two years, to help tackle the UK’s chronic shortfall in affordable housing.

StaffConnect’s Customer Success team also brought in domain expertise, helping ilke Homes pinpoint a winning communication and engagement strategy which including using the platform to promote employee benefits such as exclusive canteen offers and local supplier discounts.

“StaffConnect’s mobile engagement platform has been a big game changer for us, and very unifying in terms of how we’re now approaching communication and understanding the importance of our work at ilke Homes,” said Helen Charlesworth, Head of HR. “It’s helped with everything from engagement, sustainability and innovation to transparency and two-way information exchange. We’re also now able to gather key data points and feedback for ongoing analysis in relation to engagement. The app helps us fulfill our mission by spreading it throughout our staff, facilitating an exciting, inclusive culture where people want to contribute to reaching our mutual goal of getting more people into inspiring, energy efficient housing.”

“It is gratifying to witness how improving employee engagement levels not only boosts productivity, performance and the bottom line for companies, but how it can help foster community objectives and address real world problems, such as the housing crisis in the UK,” said Geraldine Osman, CMO, StaffConnect. “ilke Homes is a great example of companies who recognize that a positive employee experience and strong engagement are mission critical to achieving their goals, whether it’s to increase profitability and satisfy the boardroom, or meet societal needs for common good.”


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