Year-Over-Year Recurring Revenue Up 129% With Customer Growth Rate Reaching 146%

 London and San Francisco, CA (January 23, 2019) – StaffConnect, the leading provider of mobile employee engagement solutions, today announced another banner year of substantial growth across revenue, customer adoption, and strategic partnerships. The company also expanded its geographic footprint in the US, European, Australian and Asian markets, while gaining vertical industry momentum with organizations in the food and beverage, engineering and construction, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and travel/leisure industries. As a result, the company experienced year-over-year recurring revenue up 129%, coupled with strong customer growth reaching 146% underscoring the dire need for solutions that address the increasing importance of a more positive employee experience.

Mounting evidence indicates that lower worker engagement affects overall company success, implying that engagement must be escalated to a board-level issue, given the impact on profitability, productivity, employee retention, and work culture. A report by The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit estimates that the employee engagement sector is a $74.3 billion dollar market opportunity, and states that engagement has become “the global CEO dashboard metric for the state of the workforce.”

“Our persistent growth is a testament to those forward-thinking organizations who are deploying new mobile platforms to help solve the challenges associated with improving engagement levels across the modern dispersed workforce,” said Geraldine Osman, CMO, StaffConnect. “By selecting StaffConnect’s mobile engagement platform, our customers are driving positive shifts in workplace culture which is affecting a rapid increase in workforce productivity, a decrease in attrition levels and improved customer satisfaction. With these benefits, it is no surprise that the employee engagement market is on a rapid growth trajectory as enterprises around the globe rank employee experience (EX) as a top priority and business challenge that must be solved.”

Other milestones that StaffConnect achieved in 2018 include:

Product Innovation

  • StaffConnect version 2.1 – Features a series of innovations designed to enhance the employee experience, and provide customers with more powerful analytics to achieve employee communications and engagement goals.
  • StaffConnect version 2.2 – Designed to improve employee engagement and job satisfaction by creating an improved employee experience. The new capabilities include extended integration into enterprise systems to allow enterprises to easily create a central hub for their employees to access Payroll, HR and other important resources.
  • StaffConnect version 2.3Includes new features and capabilities that enable large enterprises to better understand workforce trends and engage with globally distributed and remote workforces.

 New Customers

StaffConnect’s customer base steadily expanded by 146% over the course of the year, with companies that include:

What Customers Are Saying

  • Jerome’s Furniture: “StaffConnect is the right communication vehicle for transparency and two-way information exchange throughout the company, as well as to gather and analyze, key data points and feedback to ensure customers have the best products that fit their style and needs,” said Cheyney Stivalet, Senior Director of Employee Engagement at Jerome’s Furniture. “The mobile platform helps us with everything from onboarding to distributing surveys and gathering opinions and feedback on the results of various promotions and campaigns. It also allows buyers and sales to collaborate and gather customer feedback on the success of these sales promotions. The solution helps us deliver on our value of taking care of each other and our customers, facilitating a culture where everyone matters and is recognized in their various roles. Two-way, real-time communication has been extremely positive, and employees and our executives are on board and engaging.”
  • Carnoustie Golf Links: “We came to the realization that, if we wanted to build our brand and deliver the best possible experience to our global customer base, we needed a system dedicated to doing the same thing with our employees first, and that meant creating a strong connection with them through better communication,” said Kierran Allardice, PR Officer, Carnoustie Golf Links. “StaffConnect has a range of features designed to build an emotional connection with our workers, allowing us to continue to build on our cultural values and share individual and team successes. We are proud to be an active leader in bringing this new paradigm to the workforce, to more deeply connect, engage and promote the positive qualities of the organization to, and through, our employees.”

New Strategic Partnerships

The company also bolstered its partner network with new strategic alliances, including:

  • CorporateVIP –  An exclusive invitation-only club for employees, working professionals, business owners and companies, utilized by employers to reward, incentivize and show appreciation for hard work, loyalty and results.
  • Plaxma Visual Networks – Delivers an alternative digital network experience for internal communications, advertising, production and music. A leading provider in the digital signage industry in Mexico, the company delivers tailored advertising spots in targeted markets including health clubs, hair salons, hospitals, medical facilities and restaurants.

Thought Leadership and Education

  • Survey: Deskless Employees Remain the “Forgotten Workforce” Leading to Poor Morale, Decreased Productivity, Unhappy Customers, and Lower Revenues/Profitability – StaffConnect conducted a survey of C-level executives, HR, Communications and other business professionals Its findings revealed:
    • Enterprise organizations are still relying primarily on email to communicate with employees (77.94%) and/or newsletters (48.53%), while less than 2% are leveraging new and innovative technologies, such as mobile apps
    • Today’s employee engagement success is either not being measured (26.47%), or utilizing decreased absenteeism/employee turnover rates (35.29%) or increased profitability (23.53%) as indicators
    • An overwhelming number of enterprise organizations are planning to improve their employees’ experience in 2018 (74.24%), while unfortunately there was a small percentage that had no plans to do so (25.76%).
  • eBook: Can Technology Help the Manufacturing Industry Solve Its Employee Engagement Crisis – Reviews the current state of employee engagement in the manufacturing industry, discusses what has led to what can be described as epidemic levels of disengagement, reviews the resulting dire consequences –and offers immediately actionable solutions.
  • eBook: Can Technology Help Revive Employee Engagement in the Healthcare Industry – Understand the consequences of an under-engaged workforce – which ranges from a lower standard of care for patients to recruitment and retention challenges, and learn how technology can help them to address the underlying issues triggering their employee disengagement.
  • eBook: The Retail Industry’s Employee Engagement Crisis—And How to Solve It – Outlines how the retail industry is evolving and why retail workers in particular are among the least engaged of all occupations – and why this is a crisis for the industry. It also discusses how better engagement leads to better retail bottom-line profit, and how technology can link the employee experience (EX) to the customer experience (CX) to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Infographic: Bricks, Clicks and Everything In Between – Highlights the statistics associated with employee engagement in the retail industry.

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