StaffConnect White Papers Address How U.S. and U.K. Healthcare Organizations Can Tackle the Challenges of a Disengaged Workforce and Take Proactive Measures to Increase Employee Satisfaction Levels, Retain Top Talent and Ensure Superior Quality of Care

London and San Francisco, CA (February 27, 2018) – StaffConnect, provider of the award-winning enterprise mobile employee engagement platform, today announced the availability of two eBooks that explore whether technology can help revive employee engagement in the healthcare industry. The two new white papers were developed to help healthcare organizations in the U.S. and U.K. assess their own level of employee engagement (or in some cases, their inability to do so), understand the consequences of an under-engaged workforce – which ranges from a lower standard of care for patients to recruitment and retention challenges, and learn how technology can help them to address the underlying issues triggering their employee disengagement.

A recent Global Workforce Study from Towers Watson emphasized that two-thirds (66 percent) of the healthcare employees surveyed are not highly engaged. The report notes that this number, which has stayed fairly steady over the years of the study, “is far lower than optimal” for an industry that serves the public and requires extensive energy for—and dedication to—patient welfare. Nearly half (42 percent) of healthcare workers described themselves as merely “enrolled” in their work—in other words, partially engaged—rather than fully engaged with it. And around one-quarter of the sample was either fully or partly disengaged, indicating disenchantment and disconnection not just rationally and motivationally, but also emotionally. The study also found that the number of healthcare workers who indicated willingness to “put in a great deal of effort” declined from previous years studied.  Given these dismal statistics and the potential consequences of a healthcare professional that doesn’t “put in a great deal of effort” it is clear why it is critical in the healthcare industry to construct a business case for building employee engagement.

In addition to the potentially dire patient consequences of a disengaged workforce, research has also pointed to the fact that employee engagement is directly tied to corporate profits. For example, Dale Carnegie research showed that it’s a smart business move to prioritize employee engagement, since companies with engaged employees have been proven to outperform those lacking them by 202 percent.

In order for healthcare organizations to increase companywide engagement levels, the industry must take a completely new approach.  Key to this shift are HR professionals, senior-level managers, and all internal communicators in healthcare organizations, who must transition from being talent experts to becoming employee experience facilitators.  The paper then explains how technology is the key to enabling this shift to be achieved within the challenging environment of healthcare.

“In a world and industry that’s increasingly digitally driven and focused, the key to making this happen is integrally connected to technology. Healthcare organizations that want to be successful and drive engagement will be the ones that embrace new mobile-enabled technology,” said Geraldine Osman, Vice President of Marketing, StaffConnect. “This technology facilitates adoption by healthcare staff users via features such as personalization, an engaging user experience, and a strong perceived utility that the platforms and applications being utilized truly support health workers getting their difficult jobs done faster and smarter, with greater efficiency and convenience.”  She continued, “But more than this, health organizations need to employ technology platforms that allow them to effectively measure employee engagement within hospitals and other healthcare settings, so that companies can use this information to make cultural shifts toward improving engagement across the entire organization.”

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