October 24, 2017 06:00 ET

Oftentimes Overlooked, Employee Engagement Is Now Recognized as One of the Main Contributors to An M&A Success or Failure

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM and SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Oct 24, 2017) –  StaffConnect, provider of the award-winning enterprise mobile employee engagement platform, today announced the availability of a new whitepaper entitled, “Mergers and Acquisitions: A Critical Time to Engage and Retain Employees for a Smooth Transition.” The new whitepaper provides research from several respected analysts firms and explains why careful attention must be paid to employee engagement during organizational transformation — particularly during a merger and acquisition (M&A), the ramifications of not doing so, and the positive and measurable results if done well.

It has become an inarguable fact that the world is in the throes of an employee engagement crisis. Prevailing research from virtually every respected research firm and industry analyst agrees on this point. And, during the uncertainty and upheaval of an M&A event, the situation becomes even more magnified. As the new whitepaper details, recent research from experts, such as Aon Hewett, shows that during a typical M&A event, the proportion of actively disengaged employees increases, while the percentage of highly engaged employees decreases — oftentimes by more than half. The whitepaper goes on to explain the critical importance of employers taking proactive measures in advance of an M&A in order to avoid this, and the associated fallout.

Mergers and Acquisitions: A Critical Time to Engage and Retain Employees for a Smooth Transition” then offers its readers practical advice on how to de-risk an M&A event and reduce the factors that contribute to workforce disengagement and ultimately employee attrition — before, during and after. It follows with valuable guidance on what measures can be taken to ensure a smooth and successful M&A experience that benefits the organization and employees alike.

“We have seen a rise in M&A activity over the last 12 months and while this is driven by the potential commercial value of combining companies, it often comes with confusion and anxiety about the future of the organization and each employee’s place in that future,” said Geraldine Osman, Vice President of Marketing, StaffConnect. “If managed poorly, the impact on employee engagement can jeopardize the long-term M&A success, and the bottom-line can be devastating. But if done well, the results can be a fast and significant increase in employee productivity, improved customer satisfaction, greater profitability, faster M&A time-to-value, and greater shareholder value.” She continued, “We are seeing a rise in demand for our platform from forward-thinking business leaders that are wanting to proactively take control over their communications and workforce engagement strategy early on in the M&A process and this is leading to far better outcomes for their organizations.”

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