This weeks blog post comes from Andie Allan, Digital Campaign Manager at StaffConnect.

I love the 80’s and 90’s. In fact, I am currently listening to Culture Club as I write this (luckily for me we have an eclectic playlist in the office, thanks Chris!).

Looking back at photos of myself from the 90’s is a truly cringe-worthy experience. Choose Life t-shirts, a blue leather jacket (Michael Jackson style) and a dodgy perm. What was I thinking?

The office retro playlist has got me thinking about how the workplace has changed (along with my dress sense thankfully) over the last thirty or so years, both in terms of technology and culturally. If you would have told me back then that in twenty years time I could work from home and access files from “the cloud” via my own PC or mobile device, I would have thought you were slightly nuts.

In the days before Wi-Fi, social media and instant chat we had to make do with the limited resources we had.

I remember actually walking across the office to talk to a collegue, can you imagine?   Office comforts were not part of our daily life. I used the yellow pages as a make do PC riser to prevent my giant old skool PC  from rocking as I typed up the “new style” company newsletter (that had previously been handwritten and photocopied). The much anticipated introduction of email meant we could now send our newsletter by “electronic mail”, if only someone had known how to attach a file!

I will always remember the days our lives changed forever. My manager sent me a press release (even though there were only eight of us in the office) explaining we now had access to “ The world wide web”.

My colleagues and I marveled at this new found “interweb” and the ten or so websites we could now waste time “researching” on. One of which was the Dating Channel and provided us with hours of entertainment (but that’s another story!).

We knew this new found “miracle technology” was the start of something big, and boy were we right!

As its Throwback Thursday we thought we would take you for a walk down memory lane and invite you to tell us what you loved or hated about working in the 80’s & 90’s.

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