The deskless workforce is underserved with many organisations’ communication channels being designed for desk employees, requiring email or computer access.

For organisations with a large number of deskless employees keeping everyone connected can be a challenge. Our recent employee engagement survey results told us that organisations are still relying on the more traditional methods of internal communications such as intranets, printed newsletters and notice boards, which simply don’t have the capacity to reach the deskless workers. When your deskless workers fail to receive your company messages, news and updates they are at risk of feeling out of the loop and disengaged and can lead to decreased productivity, poor morale and higher sickness rates, bad news for your business and your customers.

One of the biggest frustrations for employees is when they don’t feel listened to and that their ideas and feedback are not actioned. By offering a tool for 2-way communication between management and peers employees feel valued and closer to your organisation goals and missions and will become your best brand advocates. When employees receive effective internal communication, it enables them to understand the importance of their role and the value they add to your business, which helps to create a culture of inclusion and innovation.

Over 80% of today’s employees are deskless workers and may not even have access to a corporate email account. So, how do you ensure your communications are reaching your dispersed workforce?

For internal communication strategy to be truly successful, it must have the capability to reach every employee, regardless of their role or location. Mobile technology is the only channel that allows the sharing of information across your entire workforce in real-time enabling employees to have access to all the necessary information they need to perform their roles – from onboarding to accessing safety documents and contact details for other departments. By utilising mobile technology your employees will have all the latest company news, updates and information at their fingertips, on their own devices, wherever and whenever they need it.

We have put together an ebook “Can technology solve the employee engagement crisis” that talks more about the power of mobile technology and how it is key to connecting with your remote workers and creating a more engaged, productive and happy workforce – download it here.




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