Ushered in New Era of Innovation in Creating Powerful Employee Experiences in the Enterprise

StaffConnect, provider of the award winning enterprise mobile employee engagement platform, today announced it is closing 2017 on a high note, having ushered in a new era of innovation in creating powerful employee experiences in the enterprise. In addition to continuing to raise-the-bar on employee engagement technology, StaffConnect marked 2017 as a year in which it enjoyed tremendous sales growth of 83.7% in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) across virtually every industry vertical, investor validation and financing, and thought leadership, as well as expansion into new geographies such as the Middle East, Australia, and Scandinavia.

Product Innovation:

Launched StaffConnect Mobile App Platform version 2 (v2) featuring key enhancements – including an integrated Chat feature that enables instant, simple and secure messaging. The new features and functionality transform the employee experience by enabling business, nonprofit and government organizations to better connect, communicate and engage with their entire workforce – including remote, non-desk employees. The result is employees are more loyal, passionate and productive – leading to improved customer/client experiences, and consequently superior business outcomes.

Customer Growth and Validation:

StaffConnect partnered with new clients across virtually every industry vertical and geography.

“StaffConnect will enable us to achieve our key goals which include making our employees’ jobs easier, increasing job satisfaction, and maximizing productivity,” said Ian Anderson, Marketing Director, Nice-Pak International Ltd. “This will be accomplished by maximizing awareness of structure, roles and responsibilities, across our multi-site operation, while making all reference materials easily searchable and accessible by all employees, regardless of geography or job function.  Not only will our employees reach their full potential and maximum job satisfaction, but this in turn will translate to superior customer outcomes.”

Thought Leadership:

Published eBook entitled, “Can Technology Solve the Employee Engagement Crisis?”  The new eBook illustrates why the employee engagement crisis is no longer just an HR issue, drawing the direct inarguable link between a lack of employee engagement and the negative impact on business performance, reflected in declining corporate profits, shareholder value and the bottom line – by as much as 202%. The eBook further substantiates that in a world that’s increasingly digitally driven and focused, the key to employee engagement is integrally connected to technology, offering key strategies that can be implanted today.

Published eBook entitled, “Mergers and Acquisitions: A Critical Time to Engage and Retain Employees for a Smooth Transition.” The eBook provides research from several respected analysts firms and explains why careful attention must be paid to employee engagement during organizational transformation – particularly during a merger and acquisition (M&A), the ramifications of not doing so, and the positive and measurable results if done well.

Published eBook entitled, “How to Solve the Employee Engagement Crisis for Not-for-Profit Organizations.” The eBook explains why employee engagement is critical for today’s nonprofit organizations and what issues stand in its way. It goes on to offer immediately actionable advice for how today’s nonprofit can inspire the highest levels of employee and volunteer engagement.  In doing so, a nonprofit can reach its full potential, including raising increased funding and donations, and attracting the ideal new employees and volunteers, while retaining and improving the productivity and results of its current workforce.

Financing and Investor Validation:

Secured over $1 million in seed financing from Finance South East and a strategic list of angel investors. The company is utilizing the funding to fuel product innovation and global expansion as it capitalizes on the multi-billion-dollar employee engagement market.

Industry Awards:

Won both a Gold and Bronze award in 2017 Stevie Awards for Great Employers.  StaffConnect was recognized for a Gold Stevie for its newest version of its StaffConnect Mobile App Platform, and a Bronze Stevie for Achievement in Employee Engagement.
Won the Silver in the Golden Bridge Awards®. Recognized in the Best Deployments and Success Stories category, StaffConnect stood-out for the YMCA of Greater Charlotte’s deployment of its StaffConnect Mobile App Platform to boost employee engagement.
Shortlisted as a finalist in the 2017 SaaS Awards Program in the category “Best SaaS Product for HR.”
Shortlisted and named runner-up in SVC awards in the Cloud Innovation of the Year category.
Shortlisted as a Finalist for 2017 Tech Trailblazers Awards in the Mobile category.  (Please cast your vote for StaffConnect to win here:

“Prevailing industry research continues to validate that the importance of employee engagement cannot be overstated,” said Bulent Osman, CEO and Founder, StaffConnect. “When deployed and managed effectively, employee engagement strategies and technologies result in measurable increases in employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as a reduction in employee turnover.  Inarguably, this ties directly to customer satisfaction, end profits and other bottom-line results, as well as shareholder value.” He continued, “StaffConnect has filled an aching void in the marketplace. While there are certainly those that offered a piece of the puzzle – some more effectively than others, StaffConnect is one of few that can offer a truly comprehensive end-to-end solution. This combines our AppSuccess, best practices strategy and implementation services with our cutting-edge StaffConnect Mobile App Platform and our sophisticated Management Console.”

Osman concluded, “And, StaffConnect’s 2017 results speak for themselves.  We have partnered with forward-thinking companies across the globe in multiple industries which include many of the most well-known and highly respected for-profit and nonprofit organizations. This year StaffConnect has created powerful employee experiences that reach the entire workforce – including the significant numbers of worldwide frontline and non-desk employees – for more businesses than ever before.”

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StaffConnect delivers the award winning mobile employee engagement platform. The StaffConnect solution transforms the employee experience by enabling large enterprises to connect, communicate and engage their entire workforce, especially remote, non-desk employees. The customer-branded mobile app gives employees ‘a voice’ – with access to company and user-generated content to increase loyalty and productivity. The cloud-hosted platform empowers employers to target that content, with analytics, to deepen engagement with everyone. From offices in London and San Francisco, StaffConnect’s platform and domain expertise are supporting large businesses around the world to inspire their workforces to deliver better performance, improved customer experiences and greater shareholder value. For further information, please visit:

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