Disengagement Among Deskless Workers Accounts for 80 Percent of the Global Workforce and Costs Organizations Billions of Dollars Annually Due to Limited Reach Communication Channels

 London and San Francisco, CA (May 14, 2018) – StaffConnect, the leading provider of mobile employee engagement solutions for the deskless workforce, today announced that its new eBook, entitled ‘How Can Enterprises Overcome the Global Employee Engagement Crisis That Impacts 2.7 Billion Deskless Employees?’ is now available. The new eBook examines why individuals often become disengaged, pointing to the statistic that 80 percent of the global workforce (consisting of 2.7 billion deskless employees) are deployed remotely and offsite, according to Emergence Capital[1]. The eBook outlines how mobile technologies can inspire employee engagement and turn this trend around.

Deskless employees face more limitations than those onsite in terms of communication and access to company systems, which negatively impacts their level of engagement and, as a result, bottom line success. The Bureau of National Affairs reports that $11 billion is lost each year due to employee turnover – a consequence of employee disengagement.

The gig economy and a subsequent increase in remote working over the last decade go hand-in-hand with a shift toward a more mobile workforce based in varied locations, which often precipitates inadequate reach to deskless employees. While telecommuting and other forms of remote working need not lead to out-of-the-loop workers if the right technology tools and platforms are used, many businesses haven’t prioritized a systematic approach for facilitating reliable two-way communication with their deskless staff to increase engagement. Often these deskless workers lack even the basics when it comes to internal communication. As a result, the vast majority (84 percent) of deskless employees receive too little communication to perform their jobs effectively, according to Tribe Inc.[2] These individuals may find themselves dealing with

  • Limited or no access to desktop or laptop computers
  • No company email address or limited access to email
  • No access to a company intranet
  • No or infrequent access to company notice boards
  • Printed company newsletters are infrequently produced and quickly become out of date
  • Limited communication/collaboration with peers in other locations
  • Limited feedback or communication from line manager
  • No access to corporate documents on the go 
  • Limited or no access to company news and updates

The business benefits of full-company engagement are numerous and clear. When employees feel invested in an organization and are committed to helping the company reach its mission and goals, it bolsters brand advocacy. Engagement also improves mutual trust, feelings of credible leadership, employee job/career satisfaction, and accountability, with more focused staff keen to take up new challenges and adopt a problem-solving attitude. This positivity can lead to better performance, increased productivity, and higher profit for the entire organization.

The eBook describes how new mobile engagement technologies such as StaffConnect’s platform offer a solution for driving up engagement levels and can help deskless workers in a number of ways, including the ability to:

  • Access company information 24/7 using a mobile app, regardless of role or location
  • Receive real-time updates from the company and CEO
  • Feel connected to the organization’s goals/mission, understanding how their role affects the company’s success and becoming its best brand advocates
  • Share best practices with their peers
  • Have a voice in the company
  • Communicate within communities by sharing content and comments with their peers, having visible support, and knowing who to ask when they have questions
  • Instantly access relevant corporate documents, videos, and reference information for training and knowledge attainment, which improves processes and efficiencies (e.g., better onboarding, access to safety and compliance procedures, and crisis communications if the networks go down)

“In a world that’s increasingly digitally driven and focused—combined with a shift toward a workforce that is now primarily deskless—the key to increasing employee engagement is integrally connected to technology,” said Geraldine Osman, CMO, StaffConnect. “To effectively drive engagement across the entire organization, businesses need to implement mobile-enabled apps that are capable of reaching every employee and delivering an engaging user experience. This prevents the silos between office and field-based employees and facilitates a more unified and positive culture that ultimately leads to better performance, retention and customer satisfaction.”

To download and read, “How Can Enterprises Overcome the Global Employee Engagement Crisis That Impacts 2.7 Billion Deskless Employees,” visit: https://www.staffconnectapp.com/download-the-deskless-workforce-ebook/


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[1] http://desklessworkforce2018.com

[2] http://blog.tribeinc.com/category/non-desk/

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