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StaffConnect Series 3 launch begins a new era of its mobile employee engagement platform. The biggest gap between remote employees of an organization and their corporate or office employees is communication. That is a major gap that never let remote employees feel like an integral part of their organization. StaffConnect is the only company in the world that is filling that gap in a very innovative manner.

Organizations using StaffConnect can easily vet this statement because their employees working remotely or in other terms, their deskless employees no longer feel as not belonging to the organization as their counterpart desk employees. Now, despite being deskless or working remotely without a desktop or a laptop, these employees remain the part of every activity of their organization like a survey or poll, training, feedback, or an important online meeting.

StaffConnect Series 3 comes with unmatched new and enhanced features. There is enhanced analytics available now that measures engagement success. The personalized content feature helps to improve employee communications. StaffConnect is a global frontrunner in mobile employee engagement solutions for the deskless workforce. StaffConnect customers find StaffConnect Series 3 as a new landmark in engaging and communicating with their employees, especially their deskless workforce. With the help of this SaaS platform, the deskless workers who have no access to a laptop, intranet, or email, find it quite helpful.

Some of the key features of StaffConnect Series 3 include:

  • An exclusively individualized or personalized intuitive interface empowers with a greater user experience drawing best practices from the top social tools.
  • There is an addition of new communication channels for users. They can now organize and view all community and organization news based on their individual preferences.
  • Enhanced Analytics keeps building a continuous measurement of content and communication performance on a real-time basis. There are advanced features like sentiment analysis, continual assessment, and pulse surveys. Ultimately, user engagement data and preferences help in determining the most appropriate content. Above all, there is instant messaging with integrated chat that seamlessly connects individuals and teams.

Ciara O’Keefe, Vice President of Customer Experience, StaffConnect says,

“Series 3 is the most advanced version of our employee engagement platform designed from the ground up to provide an organization with the most personalized and intuitive way to engage, communicate and garner critical feedback from all employees – particularly remote, deskless employees. Our enhanced analytics give organizations important insight and measurement into the effectiveness of their engagement strategies allowing them to continually improve the employee experience, boost productivity and customer satisfaction.”

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