Internal communications is no longer just about top down communications, instead you need to be driving engagement from your employees and enabling them to be part of the conversation.

Apps provide a platform to drive two-way communication between employees and their employer, whilst also providing instant access to information and content employees may need whilst working mobile.

Deciding which internal communications app is best for your organization can be difficult, especially with the blurred lines between mobile intranets, and employee social networks.

We’ve undertaken a review of the internal comms app market, including our own StaffConnect app, and put together a list of must have features of an internal communications app.

The list is split into 3 broad feature areas:

  • Employer-to-Employee
  • Employee-to-Employee
  • Access to Corporate Content

Employer-to-Employee Communications

  • Company news feed: Display news articles directly into the app, whether posting new stories or pulling the information direct from intranets and other newsfeeds like Newsweaver.
  • Video integration: Video is a great medium for mobile consumption, streams can be included to display useful content like of how-to videos and company announcements.
  • Blogs: Integrating the company blog can be useful in raising awareness of external activities, messaging and also be a useful source of knowledge to employees.
  • Surveys: Implement surveys get valuable snapshot insights and feedback from your employees.
  • Push Notifications: Allow important messages and alerts to get to all or targeted groups of your workforce.

Employee-to-Employee Communications

  • Hubs: Allow employees to post their own content, for example pictures and videos, and enable other employees to comment and like.
  • Forums/Groups/Communities: Allow for topic, role, location or event specific conversations to take place between groups of employees.
  • Quizzes: Timed quizzes with leaderboards provide a fun gamification element to the app, generating competitive corporate learning.
  • ESNs: Integration of enterprise social networks can allow already established activity and communications to continue in app.
  • Instant Messaging: Employees have the ability to send voice messages, text and photos, between either individual employees or groups.
  • Live Calling: Employees can partake in one-to-one and conference calls.

Instant Access to Corporate Content

  • Corporate Documents: Employees can access documents like PDFs and slidedecks direct from the app.
  • Company Directory: Allows for quick and easy searches to find contact details of other employees.
  • Event Calendars: Display forthcoming corporate events, along with the ability to add events to personal calendars, watch webcasts and access linked documents.
  • Trending Topics: Display what’s trending in your company on the app home screen, allowing for instant access to popular topics.
  • Company Questions: Employees can post a question directly to the company or a senior management individual, whom they may not have easy access to in their day to day work.
  • FAQ: Display frequently asked questions in the app for all employees to access.

The number of features for internal communications apps is always increasing and starting to branch out into areas like HR, helping to provide a one-stop shop for employees to interact with the company on a daily basis.

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