The real cost of failing to engage with your workers – and how to avoid it

It’s an old adage that if you fail to plan, you should plan to fail.  For HR leaders it’s a slightly amended version of that adage that is keeping them awake at night –  if you fail to engage your employees, you should expect your organisation to fail.

Employee engagement has never been such a hot topic.  Why’s that?  Partly due to increased awareness and appreciation of the benefits and consequences, but also because it has been thrust to the head of the queue of business imperatives by the relentless socio-economic changes that we are living through.

The sheer number of employees working for global enterprises has set a whole new raft of challenges for HR leaders.  How do you instil a singular company culture that can be communicated and received by employees on opposite sides of the planet?  How do you get the same message to land with ultra tech savvy millennials as it does with colleagues of more advanced years?  How do you ensure that the communication lines are as strong with your field-based employees as they are with those sat within your head office?

Sounds a bit daunting doesn’t it?  There are doubtless some organisations out there that have filed the problem in the drawer marked “too hard” and are hoping it will just sort itself out.  Worryingly, for them, there is an absolute raft of quality research that suggests the “engagement crisis” isn’t going away and will only get worse.  The kind-of good news is that a lack of employee engagement won’t suddenly kill off a business.  The bad news is that it will eventually, a cumulative death by a thousand cuts type ending that absolutely nobody wants.  Examples of these mortal wounds include increasingly negative employees reducing morale and with it productivity.  Employees literally can’t motivate themselves to get out of bed and a culture of taking sick-days becomes the norm.  Then good people leave and the cost of recruitment, on-boarding and training soars.  Brand advocacy drops away, negative PR about the organisation spreads and risk-averse customers switch to competitors.

Why?  Because the workforce didn’t understand where the company was heading.  Didn’t understand the role their business unit or they as individuals played in that vision.  Didn’t know how to ask questions of senior management and suggest ideas.  Didn’t know how to celebrate exemplary behaviours of their colleagues. Didn’t know where to find information to help them work efficiently across the organisation.  In fact, all the field guys had heard was that the Christmas Party at Head Office was, apparently, amazing whilst all they got was a voucher to spend on lunch.  Which means, obviously, that Head Office doesn’t value the field guys so now they are down in the dumps.  Which isn’t true (turns out everyone got a voucher for lunch) but in the absence of proper information, alternative narratives are formed and become accepted as fact.

The StaffConnect mobile internal communication platform addresses all of these challenges and, indeed, more. It’s mobile based so no need for PC access or a corporate email account – ideal for deskless employees.  It is always on, no matter what time it is at Head Office, and pushes information to millennials who prefer to be updated in this way.  It’s simple and easy to use.  It’s full of metrics and analytics that provide HR leaders with actionable insights and tracking tools to measure the impact of internal communications.  It opens a bridge between senior management and workers, between desk-based and remote colleagues, and between those waking up and those finishing for the day.  It engages your employees and unites them under a single banner of understanding and direction.  It’s pretty cool.

We are often told that “forward thinking” companies see the engagement crisis as one of their biggest issues.  If you’ve already recognised the challenge, found us, read this blog and now, hopefully, have identified the StaffConnect platform as the perfect solution, you can comfortably put yourself in the quadrant above “forward thinking”.  With the StaffConnect platform there need be no engagement crisis.

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