It’s a well known fact that employee advocacy is at the top of employers’ wishlist. Whether you’re part of a global corporation or a family run small business, there’s a lot to be said for any company which succeeds in creating employees who’re also advocates for the brand.

Employee advocacy is the promotion of your company by those at its heart—the employees. The most valuable asset of any business, the employees who work to keep it running ultimately determine its overall success.

Employee advocacy is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that all employers strive to reach. But why? In this blog post, StaffConnect, the name behind a leading employee engagement platform, outline the top 5 benefits of employee advocacy.

Results you can measure

Employee advocacy is a tell-tale sign of highly motivated and engaged staff. Not only is this a bonus for the morale in the workplace, the happiness of your staff in and outside of work and the quality of duties performed, the knock-on effect is metric results which show the progression of your business.

From reaching and exceeding set targets due to high levels of engagement in your team to securing new business and increased sales seen as the direct result of employee advocacy, this sought after employee trait can boost the results achieved in all aspects of your business.

Spreading your business through word of mouth

It may seem like an insignificant thing for an employee to tell their friends, family and acquaintances about your business, it’s great company ethos and benefits, but this is in fact powerful marketing for your brand.

Employee advocacy in its most organic form, staff who spread the word about your business are boosting the reputation of your company, its products and services. Other than improving outsiders view of your brand, this is something which can result in valuable leads and, in turn, more sales.

Creating a positive social presence

Nowadays, every man and his dog is on social media. With 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, employees who promote their employer on any of these platforms is a sure way to make an impact.

From giving thanks for a work-paid meal for the team on Facebook to sharing the latest business news on Twitter and LinedIn, employees who show their support for their workplace are unknowingly showcasing their passion, engagement and pride for your business.

Bringing in new business

Having employees who actively advocate your brand is no bad thing, especially when it comes to bringing in new leads and securing new business. Think about it, would you prefer to work with a name where employees love what they do and aren’t afraid to show it, or a competitor where employees simply fulfill their role? Exactly.

Companies with employee advocates speak volumes to prospective clients. From engagement, productivity, proficiency and organisation in completing tasks, to communication and customer service, a strong sense of employee advocacy is a wn-win for workplace morale and new business acquisitions.

Finding the best talent

Businesses with employee advocates are destined for great things. With company growth a common result of employee advocacy, with new business constantly waiting in the wings, sooner or later expansion will be on the table.

And with a strong, close-knit team, it’s vital that you recruit the best talent going. The problem is, this is easier said than done. From finding candidates that tick all the boxes with their hard skills to unearthing someone with the soft skills to slot straight in with the existing workforce, finding the best new talent to join your business can be a stressful and time-consuming procedure.

But with employee advocates in the wings, the best people for the job will come to you. From communicating your brand vision and mission statement to promoting the benefits of working at a company, employees who double up as brand advocates will create a buzz around your business and build a reputation for you as an employer which will have great candidates queuing up for the chance of a position.

Why StaffConnect?

The benefits of employee advocacy really are endless. StaffConnect can help you effortlessly build a strategised and sustainable programme which encourages staff to share brand values in an organic and authentic way and become true advocates for your business

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