Every business is looking for ways to improve the experience of customers and users (CX and UX). This is no surprise given that it’s these people and their impressions of your organisation who drive your revenue generation. But what often goes unnoticed is the experience of those on the frontline who are responsible for connecting with your customers and users.

Your employees are your business’ biggest and most valuable asset. The cogs that keep the wheel turning in the day-to-day running of your company, your staff have a huge impact on the experiences of your customers. So, it seems obvious that businesses looking to improve the experience of their customers and users start at the root—with their employees, that is.

Employee experience can be broken down into three main categories: cultural, physical and digital. With most workplaces in the 21st century relying on technology for much of their operation, digital employee experience (DEX) has a big part to play in the overall happiness of staff, and thus the experience of customers and users.

But what can employers do to create a more positive digital employee experience? In this blog post, StaffConnect uses its industry expertise to provide top tips for creating a positive digital employee experience.

Take a personal approach

As a business leader, a lot of your time is probably spent in the boardroom and in meetings with management and clients. This means that less time is spent with the bulk of your employees.

While this is the unavoidable truth for many CEOs and senior managers, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to know your team. Afterall, how can you improve the experience of your employees if you know nothing about them?

You might think you already have a good idea of who your employees are and what they need in order to improve their digital experience at work, but the chances are you won’t understand the full picture unless you investigate on a personal level.

From one-on-one chats about limitations and frustrations to company-wide surveys and manager reports, getting the word from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, is the best way to get a digital employee experience solution which meets the personal needs of your team and results in a positive outcome.


Communication is key for the experience of anyone, no matter how they are related to your business. Whether we’re talking about customer experience, user experience or employee experience, effective communication is the golden ticket which will see you achieve more positive results.

You might think your existing employee communication methods work just fine, but with only 30% of employees actively engaged, the reality is that there’s probably work that needs to be done. Revisiting your communication strategy, looking for ways to improve it and introducing new platforms designed to make communication simpler can all help you to understand the wants and needs of your team, and work to improve the digital experience and—more widely—your entire business with them in mind.

When it comes to the digital experience of your employees, communication can’t be avoided. To understand the problems faced by your teams, the areas for improvement and what does and doesn’t work well for them, clear and confidential communication is key.

Get your team onboard

The truth is, without the help of your employees, you won’t get far in creating a positive digital employee experience. For things to improve, you need the cooperation of those affected.

To make a real difference which can boost the morale of your workers, increase productivity and add value to your business, you need to work with your employees to create a digital experience tailored to them.

But getting employees onboard with improvements and changes isn’t always easy. To get valuable feedback on trialled software and processes, you need employees who care and want to contribute.

For this, you need a platform which allows easy communication, encourages input and allows people to have a voice. StaffConnect provides all this and more! An employee app for internal communications, we can help you transform the digital experience of your employees and help your engagement levels skyrocket.

To find out more about how StaffConnect can help your business create a positive digital employee experience, get in touch today. Alternatively, book a demo with a software expert for more information about StaffConnect’s features.

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