The world is digital. The workplace should be too.

Our non-working lives are increasingly dominated by technology, for better or worse. We use digital tools to order food, organise our finances, communicate with people and even find hotels when we need a break from the business of everything else. Yet in the workplace, organisations are struggling to make running day-to-day processes quite this second nature.

But the digital workplace is a necessity in the modern age. Getting it right takes careful planning and a discerning eye towards a market saturated with apps and software claiming to have transformative potential for your business.

Amid all the craziness, it’s important to remember one thing: the potential of digital transformation is real. Once you’ve cracked the code, you can open the floodgates for a number of incredible digital workplace benefits.

Exactly what are the benefits of a digital workplace, though? In this blog, StaffConnect shares its insight into the most business-critical perks a successful tech transformation can bring about.

Facilitates communication

Communication is the lifeblood of a productive and a positive workplace culture.

Outside of work, the biggest technology-driven change has arguably been to the way we interact with one another. Instant messaging, cloud-based file sharing and social channels has made everyday communication faster and more immediate than ever.

Meanwhile, our workplaces have yet to catch up. Many organisations still rely primarily on drawn-out email chains, where information can easily go missing and be misconstrued.

Even those that have switched to a more instantaneous system, such as employee workflow tools, are continuing to use desktop programmes that alienate a portion of their workforce.

The alternatives are a mixture of a continuing dependence on desktop programmes—such as employee workflow tools—or messaging apps that don’t effectively engage people or integrate with the organisation’s wider operations.

With the digital workplace, communication is mobile-first to ensure everyone can participate. In an ideal situation, teams should be able to access information at the moment they need it, minimising dead time as people wait for a response.

Drives engagement

The benefits of employee engagement are well-known at this point. But the popular understanding of what engages our workforce is skewed. While organisations may invest time and money in team-building days, corporate perks and staff parties, real engagement is achieved through day-to-day interactions, not one-off occasions.

Only 15% of the global workforce considers themselves engaged at work. This is proven to lead to staff churn, lower productivity and higher rates of absenteeism, all of which have dire consequences for your bottom line.

With around 78% of organisations relying on limited reach communications tools such as email to communicate with their workforce, those that aren’t leveraging the power of a digital workplace are making it harder to connect with staff.

Digital platforms like StaffConnect are a time and cost-effective means of doing exactly this. Technology allows us to connect a large amount of people with minimal time and expenditure, while providing opportunities to voice concerns and be recognised for strong performance.

Connects the deskless workforce

Depending on which sector you’re in, it’s likely that a considerable portion of your workforce doesn’t spend the majority of their working hours sat at a desk.

Industries like hospitality, healthcare, retail and manufacturing often rely heavily on deskless workers. And yet, many organisations in these areas continue to rely on traditional desktop systems to connect with employees, alienating the majority of their workforce and placing them at high risk of disengagement.

Mobile technology presents us with an opportunity to amend this by giving deskless workers a platform this is purpose-built for their needs.

Use StaffConnect

StaffConnect is a mobile employee engagement solution designed with deskless workers in mind. Our app-based platform, which works alongside an admin console for in-office staff, combines pulse surveys, instant communication channels, corporate learning and so much more to help organisations build a digital workplace and reap all its benefits.

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