App development companies are starting to see a new wave of interest in providing employee apps. Where the intranet has largely struggled to ignite the passion of the workforce, apps are doing just that. Why? There are several reasons but primarily mobile technology has surpassed internet technology in terms of connectivity and engagement, and the future of an engaged workforce is interactivity and not passivity.

Stripped back to bare basics, the IC’s role is to get the right information to the right people at the right time.  Apps can help to achieve this goal efficiently and effectively.

However, apps have a much broader scope than simply being a vehicle for delivering timely messaging.  They can provide opportunities for organisations to maximise their already existing internal comms channels and open up new ones.

Mobile App Capabilities

Supporting the workforce’s chosen communication channel

  • Individuals are familiar and comfortable with their mobile devices, they have a personal connection to them.  In addition, research has shown that we are an app-driven society with reports of smartphone users spending 89% of their mobile media time using mobile apps. Organisations can take advantage of this pre-existing connection and enthusiasm, delivering information to the devices that the workforce have already embraced as their preferred communication channel.


  • There is no other communication channel, verbal comms aside, that offers the same level of accessibility as mobile technology. With almost the entire workforce being a smartphone owner and with the average mobile consumer checking their smartphone up to 150 times a day, the success rate of important information being received within an quick timeframe is maximised.


  • Mobile apps have the capacity to function and communicate even when a mobile device is not connected to the internet. This maximises communication capability and solves the connectivity issue that has historically plagued the intranet and mobile computing platforms.

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