Every organisation, irrelevant of size, industry, product or service, requires some level of internal communications.

Effective communications is the make or break factor for a business. Communications is an essential tool not just for staff socialisation but for delivering effective problem-solving and decision-making.

Internal comms has been proven to play a significant role in helping to cultivate values and behaviours.  Smaller businesses may deliver internal communications on a more ad-hoc basis, but leaders in larger enterprises have identified the significant benefits of delivering a structured internal communications strategy where the most effective communication methods are adopted and executed.

When delivered effectively, internal communication not only works as a function to deliver communication, but it has shown to significantly improve employee productivity and performance, encouraging employees to be committed both to their brand and their business goals.

According to the Towers Watson Communication ROI Study Report, companies that were highly effective communicators had 47% higher total returns to shareholders over a five year period,  compared with firms that were the least effective communicators.

Delivering an effective internal communications strategy can be a substantial driver in setting one company apart from another, giving them a competitive advantage. By working strategically to select the most effective channels and messages, to not only inform but to enthuse each and every employee to deliver business goals is becoming an increasingly important process.

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