The importance of a well-designed, immaculately implemented employee experience has arguably never been higher.  This is especially true in the Retail sector.  With its multitudinous challenges, high number of employee/customer interactions and the importance of consistently delivering positive customer experiences, there are few sectors where the behaviour and attitude of employees can have such a tangible impact on an organisation’s bottom line.  With behaviour and attitude so inextricably linked to engagement and experience, there is a clear opportunity to reap the benefits of getting the employee experience spot on.  Equally, there are very clear risks of failing to do so.  So, why should retailers invest in the best possible employee experience and how does it impact the bottom line?

Gain a reputation for customer-centric innovation

A key element of any employee engagement programme is to give a voice to everyone within the business.  Provide workers with a way to make their ideas heard.  Perhaps one idea in isolation won’t change the landscape, but what if it is combined and refined by the thinking of other innovators within the workforce?  Then you start to do things differently. You’ll likely create some efficiencies.  You’ll spot new product lines quicker and get them to market before your competitors. Potential customers notice and switch allegiance.  Your sales increase and you add more profit to the bottom line.  Because you gave your employees a voice and because you listened.

Your employees become a positive point of differentiation to customers

Engaged employees understand the role they play in the organisation as well as the wider organisation’s goals and objectives.  They know how they contribute and that provides them with both motivation and professional fulfilment.  They know where to access important information, where to get support and how to flag up successes.  They are highly trained, energised and determined to play their part in driving the business forward.  This translates directly into the customer experience.  Only the most misanthropic of customers will enjoy interacting with an employee who would rather be anywhere else.  The clear majority will delight in dealing with knowledgeable, passionate employees who want nothing more than to go the extra mile for them.  Their share of wallet spend increases, their propensity to buy more expensive items rises.  The brand advocacy courses through the engaged employees and directly onto the customer.  It all adds positively to the bottom line.

Employees are in it for the long-term

Engaged employees are proud to work for their employer.  The engagement process empowers them to do their best whilst recognising and rewarding them for doing so.  Why would they ever want to go elsewhere?  Indeed, they are more likely to proactively identify the desired qualities in their peer group and help encourage them to fill any available resource gaps.  Employee attrition rates go down.  Absenteeism is reduced.  Recruitment costs are reduced.  It’s all good news for the bottom line.

We think that’s a pretty compelling starting point for any retailer not yet enjoying the full impact of a positively engaged workforce.  However, at StaffConnect, we know that people want some facts and figures to help round out the case for investing in employee engagement. Check our e-book here, it goes into greater detail and delivers some compelling stats and examples that should convince even the most ardent naysayer.

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