If you help lead a business, you’re probably aware that advocacy is one of the main objectives when it comes to the employees who work for it. A key sign of the highest form of employee engagement, employee advocacy is priceless for your business.

Employee advocacy isn’t something that just impacts the performance of your team while they’re at work either. According to a survey conducted by The Marketing Advisory Network, leads derived from employee advocacy were found to be 7 x more successful than leads through other activity.

With the potential for employee advocacy to affect both the performance of your employees in-office, but also the performance of your business, it’s clear why it’s top of the wish list for employers. In this blog post, StaffConnect, the mobile-first employee engagement platform, shares its insight to explain exactly why employee advocacy is so important to all businesses in every sector.

Employee advocacy: the basics

It might be something a business constantly strives for but, more often than not, those at the top aren’t aware of what employee advocacy is in all its forms.

Simply put, employee advocacy is the promotion of an organisation by those who work for it. The best forms of advocacy displayed by employees is that which is organic and natural.

Some of the key employee advocacy activities include:

  • Recommending your business’ service / product to a friend
  • Sharing content, news and more from your company online
  • Providing great company reviews on platforms such as GlassDoor
  • Sharing career openings on social media

Why employee advocacy is important

There’s an endless list of reasons why employee advocacy is important. From the benefits that achieving it can have on your staff’s happiness in the workplace to the performance of your business’ marketing and sales. Here’s some of the main results you can achieve with employee advocacy.

Increased brand awareness

It’s a fact that the better known your business, the more leads and conversions that will come through the door. If you’re looking to boost your brands visibility, your first port of call might be the marketing department.

But there’s a secret weapon that comes in at 1/10th of the cost of paid advertising, but still produces great results. It’s name: employee advocacy.

Employee advocacy is a tried and trusted way to boost brand awareness without a huge marketing budget required. Your employees are people and, outside of their work environment, they have hundreds, if not thousands of connections. From word of mouth to social media, employees who advocate your brand will organically increase the awareness of your brand.

Building a better reputation

Happy employees make happy customers, and most of us would agree that we would rather do business with a company that’s known for its great treatment of the employees who keep its cogs turning day-to-day.
Showing the happiness of employees often comes through service, but for businesses outside sectors like retail and hospitality which allow for direct employee-customer interaction, this can be difficult to do.

Employee advocacy has you covered. That’s because you can’t build a team of business advocates from unhappy employees. Only the most engaged workforces become employee advocates, so if your team fall into this category, this will do wonders for your reputation.

Employee advocates show outsiders that your business:

  • Treats its employees like people, not numbers
  • Values employees individual contribution
  • Works to better the work environment
  • Offers employees support, development and benefits

Attracting the best talent

And brands with better reputations attract more people who want to become part of that business. More interest in career openings means more—and often the best—talent out there.

Whether it’s common knowledge that your business is a great employer or existing advocates share your job opening with their network, employee advocacy will attract—and retain—the best talent, giving your company the greatest possible chance to progress in the future.

Achieving advocacy

You can see why employee advocacy is important to many aspects of your business, and it’s important to do what you can to improve the advocacy of your employees where possible. Doing so won’t be easy—creating employees who are also brand advocates takes time and skill, but there are ways to get started on the right foot.

StaffConnect’s mobile-first platform is designed to streamline things like communication and information sharing to help increase employee engagement and boost employee advocates for your brand.

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