Any organisation worth its salt understands the importance of the customer journey.  When done right, it is a perfectly curated experience that showcases the organisation and its products and services in such a way that makes the decision to purchase a foregone conclusion.  Customers understand the power they wield and have an increasingly sophisticated expectation of how they will be treated.  Get the customer journey right and the sales are sure to follow.

It is also recognised that you don’t just need an exceptional customer experience if you want to succeed.  That’s because the customer experience is typically anchored around multiple interactions with your employees.  Be it in-store, via Social Media channels, or through the delivery of aftersales service.  So, it should come as no surprise that those organisations who ace the customer journey have also recognised the importance of the employee experience and the cradle to grave journey that governs its success.

In less enlightened times, the employee journey might have started with a few hammy induction videos, included a nod towards checking their desk area was set up appropriately and ended once the probation period was done.  However, there is so much more to it than that and it’s here that forward-thinking organisations can set themselves apart.  From a high-quality onboarding experience, through to the provision and easy retrieval of all the information and support that a new starter needs.  Beyond that, the employee journey incorporates the full spectrum of career development, performance reviewing, coaching, all the way through to the delivery of tailored benefits.

The increased focus on employee engagement has been at least partly driven by the entry of Millennial cohorts into the workplace.  Millennials are often characterised by their enhanced expectations of what a job should entail.  They expect flexibility and show far less tolerance than previous groups for jobs that they don’t perceive as being worthwhile and where they can’t derive enjoyment.  They are practically demanding to be engaged, which makes the price of failure so stark.

What does good look like when it comes to positive employee engagement?  It’s about creating a holistic experience that brings together the whole workplace, the management team and HR, and forms resilient communication lines between them.  This drives innovation as inefficiencies are identified, explored and resolved. It drives inclusion as everyone is given a voice and a way to make it heard.  It creates a sense of shared purpose and shared values that unites a workforce even when it is split over multiple sites or geographies.

The benefits?  Loyalty and productivity as a start.  Engaged employees aren’t looking elsewhere, they are fully focussed on helping the organisation achieve its goals.  They understand the role they play, and they feel valued and rewarded by their leaders.  It also translates into better customer service.  Engaged employees will go the extra mile to deliver excellent customer experiences.  The customer’s experience is a fundamental element of the customer journey, which is a fundamental element of their decision to purchase from you.

What role does StaffConnect play and how we can help?  The StaffConnect mobile platform creates the lines of communication and then positively encourages the two-way flow of information and feedback to begin and then flourish.  It’s built with collaboration firmly in mind and empowers your HR function to create emotional engagement with all your employees – be they desk-bound or field-based.  You can analyse how your messages are landing.  Tailor specific additional communications to certain groups or types.  The StaffConnect mobile platform can help you transform even the most disengaged employee into a highly effective brand advocate.

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