StaffConnect App Transforms How YMCA Reaches, Communicates and Engages with Network of 4,700 Onsite and Deskless Employees   

London and San Francisco, CA (September 5, 2017)StaffConnect, provider of the world’s leading enterprise mobile employee engagement platform, today announced the YMCA of Greater Charlotte has selected its StaffConnect Mobile App Platform to build levels of engagement with its network of 4,700 onsite and deskless employees.

The YMCA of Greater Charlotte engages nearly 300,000 men, women and children, regardless of age, income, or background at its 19 locations and two resident camps. Deeply rooted in the community since 1874, it has the long-standing relationships and physical presence not just to promise, but to deliver lasting personal and social change. Recently, the YMCA wished to extend its mission of delivering positive transformation not only to its client base, but also to its internal network of employees. Its goal was to create an open communication channel to connect all part-time and full-time employees; to give them a voice and to keep them updated with the latest fundraising initiatives and organizational goals.  The YMCA had the foresight to recognize that in doing this, it would drive up the levels of employee engagement, thereby not only increasing job satisfaction, but also increasing loyalty, dedication, retention and bottom-line results.

Molly Thompson, Vice President of PR and Communications, YMCA of Greater Charlotte, explained, “Roughly 4,700 people work for the YMCA of Greater Charlotte, but you’ll find very few sitting at a computer. Our employees are engaging kids in camp activities, teaching swim lessons, assisting seniors in health and wellness classes and delivering countless programs that strengthen individuals and our community. One of our greatest challenges as an organization has been internal communication and staff engagement. Staff surveys indicate that our teams often feel disconnected and uninformed.”

“But, we wanted more than just a communication tool for employee communication, we recognized that to be successful we needed to partner with a provider that had the communications expertise to support and guide us on best-practice content strategy, from launch and into ongoing usage,” continued Thompson. “After quite a bit of exhaustive research we found that only StaffConnect could deliver the end-to-end solution we required. The StaffConnect app is quickly becoming our employees’ primary resource for information and connection to our cause. StaffConnect allows our headquarters to share important news and information with our staff teams and allows employees to ask questions or make comments. Within the comfort and safety of an internal environment, our employees post both personal and professional content that lets them know their thoughts and ideas have value. On StaffConnect, our employees highlight teammate behavior worth replicating, they recognize milestones and celebrate achievements. StaffConnect is so much more than a communication tool, it is a pathway to the kind of culture in which our people want to live, work and stay.”

“The YMCA recognized that employee engagement isn’t just critical ‘for-profit’ organizations, but for non-profits as well in order to reach their full potential.  This includes raising increased funding and donations, and attracting the ideal new employees, while retaining and improving the productivity and results of its current workforce,” said Geraldine Osman, Vice President of Marketing, StaffConnect.  “StaffConnect provided the YMCA with a sophisticated mobile platform which supported their business goals, combined with domain expertise from our communications professionals to help them define a winning communication strategy.”

To learn more about employee engagement in nonprofits, please read, “How to Solve the Employee Engagement Crisis for Not-for-Profit Organizations.”

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