Look after your employees and they will look after your brand

Why is employee feedback so important when it comes to increasing employee engagement?

When employees are engaged, they are more productive and customer focused, less likely to leave an organisation, and more likely to be loyal ambassadors for your brand and your entire employee experience. A company’s brand is no longer owned by its HR or marketing team – it’s now owned by the employees, job seekers and former employees so it is vital that organisations make employee engagement a priority.

Increasing employee engagement starts with giving people a voice – encouraging employees to submit feedback through internal channels, company surveys or review sites such as Glassdoor. When employees share feedback and experience honest communication a culture of inclusion and trust develops and your employees become more comfortable expressing feedback, which helps them feel as if they are part of your organisation.

Two-way communication is vital when it comes to increasing employee engagement and also helps to bridge that gap between management and employees. Whether writing a response on Glassdoor or following up personally with an employee after receiving feedback demonstrates that your employee’s feedback is valued and welcomed and will be taken on board.

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