Staff Engagement Platform For Construction Companies

As the owner or manager of a busy construction company, it can be tough getting a good level of engagement and communication with your workers out in the field.

With StaffConnect, you can effectively communicate and engage with your workers, wherever they are.




With your construction workers having little time between jobs, it can be hard to communicate effectively. With the StaffConnect instant chat feature, your workers will be able to respond quickly and clearly, without wasting precious time.


Your construction workers might get on well with their fellow field workers, but do they interact with those in the office? Create a strong team that encompasses the field and the office with the communities tab. Your employees can share updates, pictures and videos for everyone to see, wherever they’re working.


With so many of your team outside the office, it can be a real challenge to keep them up to date with all the latest company and industry related news. With the StaffConnect easy-upload news platform, your employees can stay in the loop through their mobile device, even when they’re out on jobs.


Trying to muster engagement from your construction workers when training can be easier said than done. Implement fun into necessary training with bespoke quizzes designed by you! Create your own questions and dig out your employees competitive streaks to see how well your staff know their policies and procedures.



Your construction workers are an essential aspect to your business, so it’s important to make sure their ideas are being heard. With the ideas tab on the StaffConnect app, your construction team can forward their ideas for business improvements quickly and easily. What’s more, they’re all in one organised place for you to review!


If you want feedback from your employees, then you can also conduct bespoke surveys through your StaffConnect platform. Get responses about all aspects of your business from your employees out in the field to help direct your business going forwards.


While out on the job, your employees are likely to have a question every now and then. Whether they have an enquiry about their pay or want to ask about their holiday allowance, your workers can send you questions instantly through the questions tab.


All of these enquiries will be organised in one easy-to-manage area in which you can forward responses.


When your construction workers are out in the field they need access to all the safety documents and policies relevant to the job at hand.


With the library feature from StaffConnect, your construction team will never leave without the required paperwork they need again. This feature allows you to store all manner of documentation, which your employees can access easily anywhere, anytime.


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It’s clear to see that there’s a lot that StaffConnect can offer your construction company and its employees.

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