Games that get brains working smarter

Corporate gamification is a great way of getting your team thinking on their feet, engaging with information and improving their cognitive skills—all to the immense benefit of your company!

A more alert and mentally active workforce is one that is going to apply those attributes to the task at hand and be driven towards getting results. The benefits of corporate gamifications have been proven time and time again.

StaffConnect offers corporate gamification activities as a part of our fully integrated employee engagement platform.


StaffConnect’s corporate gamification features aren’t just limited to corporate gamification—bear with us! Our quizzes and games features form a much wider part of your employee engagement strategy.



Give your employees something fun to do that has tangible benefits for your business. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But corporate gamification has been shown to boost employee productivity, encourage creative thinking and improve workplace morale among plenty of other advantages. StaffConnect lets you offer scored quizzes and games to your employees on the app.


With StaffConnect, corporate gamification doesn’t stop when the quiz is finished. Data and images from the quizzes, games and activities can be collected to help you better understand how your team works best, or you can use quizzes as part of a customer communications strategy and incorporate a learning element. You could, for example, read the content and answer questions on it, which helps drive adoption.



StaffConnect’s survey feature can also be used for much more than simply giving feedback on workflows and procedures. Why not up the stakes by allowing your team to vote for employee of the month, boosting motivation and injecting what is sometimes a much-needed element of fun into proceedings?

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