The Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board Story

The Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board has a diverse workforce of 17,000 dispersed employees spread across multiple communities and 38 different hospitals, healthcare centres and offices and provides healthcare to more than 760,000 people.

Up until recently, email was its primary channel for internal communication both for its office workers and its frontline NHS workers. While functional, this form of communication put their frontline workers – the majority being “deskless” employees, without ready access to desktop or laptop computers – at a disadvantage because they cannot access their email quickly or often. Therefore, BCUHB looked for an alternative that would enable seamless two-way communication for all its employees, even those without corporate emails or computers.

Results and Feedback

We are extremely pleased with how well the implementation of StaffConnect’s platform is going and have received very positive feedback from employees.


We know our people but StaffConnect’s Customer Success program provides an outside perspective on best practices for content and communication, which has been really helpful and valuable to us. We’re also encouraging staff to offer their input on how to do things better and how they see the platform working for them. I am highly enthusiastic about this two-way communications approach that will have a positive impact on NHS staff and workforce culture.

Aaron Haley
Communications Officer



Sector / Industry




Key App Features

  • News
  • Communities
  • Directory
  • Chat
  • Survey
  • Events
  • Library
  • Notifications
  • Tickertape
  • Feeds

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