The Carnoustie Golf Links Story

Carnoustie Golf Links is a premier golfing venue based in Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland. It is one of the hosts of the prestigious Open Championship tournament, and golf is recorded to have been played there as early as the 16th century.

The golfing destination’s workforce is comprised of a highly distributed team, with a vast majority of staff members being deskless, or remote, workers who do not have access to desktop or laptop computers. With many employees being spread across various offices, it was important for Carnoustie to not only provide a platform for their staff that enables transparent, two-way internal communication, but also a platform that was mobile, and employee, centric and did not require desktop or laptop computers. StaffConnect was the perfect fit for their requirements.

Results and Feedback

We came to the realisation that, if we wanted to build our brand and deliver the best possible experience to our global customer base, we needed a system dedicated to doing the same thing with our employees first, and that meant creating a strong connection with them through better communication.


StaffConnect has a range of features designed to build an emotional connection with our workers, allowing us to continue to build on our cultural values and share individual and team successes. We are proud to be an active leader in bringing this new paradigm to the workforce, to more deeply connect, engage and promote the positive qualities of the organisation to, and through, our employees.

Kierran Allardice
PR Officer
Carnoustie Golf Links



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Key App Features

  • News
  • Communities
  • Directory
  • Chat
  • Survey
  • Events
  • Library
  • Notifications
  • Tickertape

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